Celebrando con comida Mexicana en Corea (+kakao store)

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hellow I'm just here in my lil corner waiting for my bf to come so we can go get tacos and mexican food coz it's sept 16th! (Mex independence day) yup.

so yeah lemme introduce my lil corner here's my water bottle not full right now but wharves alsoooo I have some Korean snacks and a bag full of candy and more snacks cookies and stuff.

in ma lil cornerrrr here i have some photos of my best friend Kary and I <3 and a photo of me and my friends when were lil and my brother and I and grad pic that I don't want y'all to see and up here I have.

tassel? dunno what that is in Spanish that thing you put on your grad cap and some pillows.

and this huge one here I have books welcome to my corner~~ I'm hungry.

what's taking him so long we found another one called Muchacho! but we're not going there better be good I expected something like this olives??? what type of bullshit is this they gave us a drop of salsa per cup what is this lol what do they think we are??? (ants??) we ended up eating everything but only cause we didn't want to waste money in other words, I didnt like it I'm in line to go into the Kakao store! I'm back in my corner I'm so tired, as you can see, I have dark circles look, I bought myself a sleeping pack/mask it's a piggy yup pretty much.

dunno what else to say.

so bye.

lol byeee.

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