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EU what /url kidding we have cheetanCanada are guys who I'm going to be totallyhonest him so hard for me to find games from Canada I have no idea why I'm gone it's far India we've gotten Philippinesand China and in the UK and Australia in why home with Kanye song are applieddown the street from my house I have no idea but I have a differentcolor be Ende you guys are from Canada in youhave to make the other product I can look forward to do anothercamera and he says please let me know in the comment to like you look at thosetimes because it will really hard okay so let's getstarted it's a little thing here but no onepicked it up after I was off on this one but it has tropical K inhabit picture pero to pick him up ofthis world Obama now there is kinda veteranhappening outcome bong Pekin with chocolate sohard that PE on your nine red for opiate that's why one I wastakin covered in chalk gone wrong yeah I hope that that's what this is if notit's probably just chocolate child yeah I'm long how cute the gym machine problem me it looks like just not talk withlittle so special about it mom asian babe teen mister mcbride I'm no baby song down homeless you me creamy chocolate I'm gonna beat this guy or the I are johnnie cookies usually reserved im due to the alleged here now labored it with wafers there there it's howwafer cookies meeting okay they are completely like cool on what they look like they looklike law not long on-screen that's what itlooks like get three happen a lot select openingand Kenya mining our smells like you know can only make each like caramel sauceyou could get a little too much starts to burn per mom ass it's not like are both here how much you down it'll look if Murray for the way for me to learn it'll wallcookies I just said created its bid but it looksjust like a lot like a scene thinkin ago girls will be having 3 care no but it looks just like a plainvanilla camera strap so I know it's just another complain wallcookie is excellent caseworker wall whole bodyher mouth 8 careful later on there good Keith be to civility in their ace so good other keys got by the beam are crazy accident sure it's a hundredpercent here mill for sugar initiate product of Canada in the shade on me believes they worth least for me but considering what you'regetting right beside Mike 12 345 five in here really cuter here the cutest make-believe shape to them mother verycreamy well mom and brother really hard butthey're not hard was crumbling this question crumbled not all around expecting you know what Iwas expecting the three like a little little squares sugar you for your call hearing your key thatlaptop give you i think that picture justHartcher compressed together got more about this one wrong these are so good at their house me that's why we were a precious thing in agirl they literally melt in your mouth there so me sugary there's going to be more thanjust maple sugar in here because they are so creamy okay these were totally worth theprice I'm never had anything like this before I'm so surprised so I would give these guys bond idiot so this is what Iwas able to find prom can today sometime non-alcoholic flavored ginger drink natural threat by the Red whose can she get online mister bon group okay in New you what is that ginger I don't know word no nervous excited okay don't smoke ginger something elsesaid ok you little I'm the gym I'm not a singer like little actor tate is ginger we first tested caseworker you the repair you like perfume EDP in did a fun thing with the ginger I'mgiving it my after a slow it that's when I can pay for under arelooking at this time he asked on Yahoo com it is a key LIBOR in from right here these already in Canada ok 100 cookie your way for ok hope so can look look like giant took are hoodlums not might carpool but said carpooled rehear hurry I'm open the package is going totown have happened nice coffee smell lol really good kinda remind me Yuma we're a little with my aunt cookies nowright wait for they look just like this and that kindatakes like that they didn't have a comp labor they have like a peanut butter withchocolate flavor on he's a really good time yeah a lot of players up the wafercookies and I think the feeling is a commonfeeling in have the chocolate covered yes I'm their period alright guys Iwould give this candy bar on billion Don that it Canada today thank you so muchfor watching this video you know it she is supporting up to megive the video a thumbs up so I know that you're doing this bail continue making them for you here family in from so everybody can have agood time with here our guys subscribe to the channel: youwill be the burst want to see my next video next week seeyou then mom it didn't or oiled okay in it binky.

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