Brunello Italian Restaurant: TribecaNW Neighborhood Spotlight

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Hi this is Jeff Costello with TribecaNorthwest real estate.

I'm in snoqualmie ridge for thisweek's Neighborhood spotlight.

i'm here at a local favorite and one ofmy favorite Italian restaurants, Brunello here at the corner of Center and ridgein the business district of snoqualmie ridge come on in let's go meet Tony Hello my name is Tony I'm the owner andchef executive chef Brunello we've been part ofthe community for the last seven years for our friends the little guys in therich we have kitty free sundays and for the wine drinkers we have fifty percent offselected bottles of wine so anytime you feel like not cooking at home andcleaning the mess after your kids come and see us will take care of you.

One of the reasons we actually openedthis restaurant here seven years ago is because we love the community.

Me and my wife and our little boyNicholas live just right up the street.

Anytime you want to come and see usdon't hesitate to say hello.

thank you.

Tribeca Northwest real estatewould like to give a special thanks to Tony and Brunello for inviting us intotheir business serving us a fabulous meal and for everything that they do forour community.

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Until next week take care.

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