Brownies triple chocolate with cocoa

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MATERIALS 100g white chocolate, dark chocolate 100g, 100g milk chocolate 150g Rama, 3 large eggs, 150g sugar, 1 vanilla, 1 pinch salt, 1 k.

Soupas cream, 150 farina flour and cocoa for sprinkling.

First we melt the chocolate in a bain marie Turn on the stove at medium volume Put Rama along with dark chocolate and milk chocolate Take a bowl and put the eggs, sugar, vanilla and salt and beat with mixer After a minute, add the cream and beat for another minute Now we are ready to add the melted chocolate, stirring constantly After the chocolate add flour slowly and mix with a whisk At the end add the white chocolate cut into small pieces Take a pan and Butter Now sprinkle some sugar Preheat oven to 180 degrees Spread the mixture into the pan and then go white chocolate everywhere Bake for 20 minutes After 20 minutes the brownies are ready Allow to cool for 15 minutes Now we are ready to serve Cut a piece and sprinkle with cocoa Thank you see you the next time? ).

Source: Youtube