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– I'm not getting anything from that.

– It's really good.

– [Both] Hi.

– Welcome back to channel Niki 'N' Sammy, AKA 'the one with the twins.

' – So we did a video about a year ago where we tried some Italiancandy whilst we were in Italy.

– What is that about, why is mine, like, playing Tetris with itself?- [Sammy] It's so wonky.

("I Will Always LoveYou" by Whitney Houston) And the comments– – Were not supportive ofour views and opinions.

And actually, I think weoffended quite a few people.

Some lovely people called Twindom Italia sent us some Italian candy.

– I'm looking down here'cause that's where it is.

So what we're gonna do.

– Is stick it in our facesand make noises about it.

– What's important isthat we hear your opinions on this as well, so as we go, if you could justlet us know in the comments if you like these foods,what ones we should try that we've missed.

– And hopefully we'renot offensive this time.

– We're going to try andbe slightly more accepting.

– We're gonna rate them outof Leaning Towers of Pisa.

– Up first, we have somethingI'm really excited about.

It's Baci Perugina.

– Oh, Perugina.

Parugina, it's.


Oh, it's got English on the back.

Oh, it's Nestle, so there is that, but.

– You can't win every battle.

– Something hazelnut milkchocolate with hazelnuts.

– Opening! (gasp) – It opens so perfectly.

– Oh, it's like a Wonka Bar.

On first look, it's two-layered.

– I mean, it's bigger than my future.

(censor beep) – (censor beep) Me.

– Oh my god.

It's (censor beep) (censor beep) – Ah.

(censor beep) – Oh.

(censor beep) – Italy.

– This was naughty.

– You have done somethingto my mouth today that I wasn't expecting.

– Feel free to pop around and do it again.

Some context is I haven'teaten chocolate in like, what? Two days? So I'm really feeling withdrawal symptoms.

What it tastes like,it tastes like Cadbury.

The whole-nut Cadburys, with a bit of darkchocolate thrown in the mix.

It's really good.

– It's dark chocolate, a whole load of sexiness put inside, and then chocolate on top.

And that has made megive it five out of five Leaning Towers of Pisa.

– I'm gonna give it four– (clapping) Tiny beefsteaks of chocolate.

– Looks like bananas,what're you talking about? – Mustacciuoli leaf, morbidi.

– Mustacciuoli le– It's wafer.

It's really light.

Oh, look, okay, so it's broken.

– It looks like it.

Oh my god! Is it honeycomb? This'll take people's teeth out.

Does it have a flavor? – I think ours have gone stale, so I don't think it's the actual.

– No, we all know thatItalians like their stale food.

I mean, have you looked at the bread? I'm not sure what I just.

– See, this is whathappened in the last video.

I don't have bad taste buds, and I think I like nice food.

– I think with this, though, 'cause some of the foods have a certain way that you eat them, and I don't think we're doing it right, because that was just a crunchy biscuit that tasted slightly like cinnamon.

– But look.

(snap) I'm gonna give that one out of five, because I feel like I'vebroken several teeth.

– I'm gonna give it a three out of five because I don't think.

I'm gonna give it a two out of five because I think it was our fault that we didn't ingest it properly.


– Richeriello.


Alla mandorla, soft almond pastry.

– Ooh, it smells so good! – Look how soft it is.

– It's kind of likebread that's been soaked.

It's like the bottom of tiramisu.

– So soft! – Making me cry.

– This is so good I'm gonnaput it all in.

(censor beep) – It tastes like.

(censor beep) – No, I mean it's good.

You know when a smell ora flavor takes you back? That reminds me of like Christmas, or a Tuesday.

So you know when a flavoror a smell takes you back? Oh, it's marzipan, soclearly we're up for a party, this is Christmas– – Amaretto.

– It's gonna be really good,and we're gonna have a really– – Great Wednesday.

– I'm gonna rate that four.

– I'm giving it a four aswell 'cause I love that.

That was really good.

– It was really pleasant.

– Would put that in me again.

Okay, next up is Sapori.

I don't know any Italian.

Oh, almond and cocoa fine pastries.

– I'm really excited about this one.

It's been on the shelf for like a week, and I think I put itin the sun by accident.

– Oh, it is, oh, it's got a little pop-up! (gasp) (relaxing guitar instrumental) – So we have what looks likea biscuit on the outside, but it's got like a brownie texture.

I'm gonna break it open.

– Oh, it's got like Nutella in the middle.

It's not actually, it's less of a– – Oh, that smells so much like almond.

(censor beep) – This is some hot shit.

Yeah, this is (censor beep) good.

I think these are a solid 3.


– What? A four out of five, because they're not quite as good as the chocolate I had at the start, but they are out of this world, and I would put them inside my body on another occasion.

Up next.

We have Laica Praline Barrero.

– Europeans love a good cherry.

– Cherry liqueur.

– Oh, I don't like cherry at all.

– I hate cherry liqueur.

– I think this is a very European thing 'cause we don't like cherry that much.

No, we do, we just don'tlike it in chocolate.

– These have been inthe sun as well, look, they've gone all white.

I hate it.

– Get me something to spit in.

– Right, this is not down to Italians having bad food, before you get ahead of yourselves.

This is that I just have a fundamental dislike towards cherry.

– It's actually got a cherry in it, it's not like cherry flavoring.

It's got a whole cherry in it, and I think that's cool.

I'm gonna rate that a three.

Two, it's a two.

I'm not gonna be harsh andsay one, but it's a two.

– I'm gonna give it a one.

(burp) – Grand Gio.

Grand Giotti.

These are Vergoni.

– There's a hazelnut on the front.

We're onto a winner.

On for a winner.

– And they've got a really nice, quite quality foil wrapping.

– It's got like some calligraphy on there.

– Is that weird to say thatit's high quality foil? – [Both] Aww! – It's like the green quality street.

I'm going in.

(censor beep) That's special, that is.

– At this point in the candy video, what I'm feeling is, I like to call the coronary pulse from the sugar, and that's where it goes.

– They are a 4.

5 out of five.

Again, because there'salways room for improvement.

They're not a creamy chocolate, I kind of expected thereto be cream in the middle, you know? – No, this is good.

I'm gonna give these a five out of five Leaning Towers of Pisa.

– You're like the reallysoft judge on the panel, and I'm like the Simon Cowel.

What? – These next things are.

(bag crinkles) They're called ASMR.

– What is ASMR? People commented that a lot.

– It's something that affects people and makes their head tingle.

– Assisted something.

– Like this.

(mouth opening and closing) Or.

(bag crinkles) Praline chioccoloto allati.

– Oh, it's pistachio! – Bloody hell.

– I can't taste it.

– Punch me in the neck and call me Dory.

– Hit me in the faceand call me Evangeline.

I'm not sure I like these.

– It got really milky.

– It melted in my hands.

– And it was just too creamy.

Too rich.

I'm gonna give it a three out of five.

– What would I give it, two? I'm gonna give it two.

– No, I'm gonna give it two out of five.

– Next.

They're biscotti, butthey look like pretzels.

– They look really pleasant.

– Torcetti almuel? – Almuelli.

– How do I open it? I don't like that.

It smells like raisin.

Overcooked pastry, I like it.

– One out of five.

– No, I'm not gonna rate them, 'cause I don't think we did it properly, and I didn't understand what they were.

– Let us know in the comments if we have just abused a food stuff.

– I've got a sugar eye.

– What? – It's like.

Last item is biscotti, I think it's just biscotti.

– Cantuccini metello roso.

(burps) – Is it chocolate, or is it.

– It smells a bit fruity.

I can't.

I don't dislike it.

It's just not doing anything for me.

– It's biscotti.

– Okay, so I'm gonnagive biscotti in general a three out of five.

That particular biscotti, one.

'Cause it just tasted like spicy bread.

– I'm giving it a two out of five.

I like biscotti, I'm not like a mad fan about it though so I'll have it if it's there.

– So, that was us tryingItalian candy part two.

We covered some things that we didn't cover in the first video.

Thanks to the brilliant Twindom Italia who sent through this selection of things.

– At least we think it was those guys, 'cause it kinda sat inour P.


Box for a while.

– And it got separated from the letter.

– So if you guys wanna send us some candy from where you're from, our P.


Box details are down below.

We'd be super grateful if you fancy sending some in.

– Remember, my favorite things are peanut butter and chocolate, so do with that as you will.

Let us know your views in the comments and if we've missed food things, if we were insulting, I'm sure you'll let us know anyway 'cause you did last Italian candy video.

– And we'll see you guys around soon.

Subscribe for more, thelinks are down below, we'll see you later.

Bye!- [Sammy] Remember, an apple a day is better than.

– Eating your body weight in biscotti.

– Doing another candy video.

– Yep.

– Bye! – Ooh, faces fall off.

– Oh damn.

– It's.

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