Braised Roasted Pork Belly with Vermicelli /Bun Heo Quay Kho (Vietnamese w/English CC)

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I welcome you to Cathyha Cooking! I'm making a traditional Vietnamese, family dish today.

It's a noodle dish, the vermicelli with braised roasted pork belly.

Normally after a big Vietnamese family celebration, we would have lots of leftover roasted pork belly, so here's a great way to incorporate the meat for this noodle dish.

I have 1 bl of roasted pork, to braise with some quail eggs, coconut juice, serve with vermicelli and some veggies.

We gotta braise it with coconut water, it's such an essential ingredient.

I'm adding to half the pot here.

This is a mild braised dish.

I'm dropping in some thai chili peppers for a great aroma.

Use whole so it's not too spicy.

This little container of sauce is important, it's the roast pork flavor and let's add to our pot.

Here is some premium fish sauce.

Let's use about 5 tbs.

This will add a little saltiness to the broth, or it would be too bland.

Just about 5 tbs will do Let's give it a taste.

Add more or less depends Now let's add the cooked quail eggs.

These have a rich taste.

These are all cooked items so we only be braising to get the flavors to cook down, for 30 mins.

Have on medium heat to get it to a simmer.

Let's have a taste It's just right, since the coco water has some natural sugar in it.

Some time the coco water may have different taste to it, too sweet or too bland, or even sour.

So you gotta taste it.

Let it braise for about 30 mins.

The pork will be so tender afterwards.

This is store bought, pickled mustard green.

Slice these up.

Julienne these.

Here's a little cucumber.

Cut it similarly too.

When it's a hot day out, this noodle dish is just perfect.

Use a spoon to remove any froth.

I got us some roasted pork, but at the ribs section to get some great flavor from the bone.

It's been braising for 30 mins and ready to serve.

Its color got a little darker but still very clear.

That's just right! The pork belly fat rendered out a little too.

Let's make a bowl! I have here some vermicelli, some pieces of roasted pork rib, eggs, and a little chili to spice it up.

I don't really eat too spicy, but sure looks great Ladle some broth over the noodle this is a light and mild broth A little more pork.

lol Here is my bowl of noodle filled with braised roasted pork It's hot! With these veggies, so good and light.

You'll love the taste of the roasted pork in this dish.

This is the rib piece.

yummmm No diet for me today, haha I may have to do seconds here.

I hope you'll make this dish soon.

See you next time!.

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