Braai: Eating South African Barbecue for dinner

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Right now we're at Wild Farm in Wildernessand we're waiting for one of my favorite things.

It's called Braai.

It's South African barbecueand it is absolutely phenomenal.

So in the background we've got our lovelylittle log cabin.

I'm drying out a towel right now.

But anyways that is besides the point.

The team here at the hostel is now working on the barbecue.

They're stoking the fireso we are going to show you the whole process.

Let's go cook some Braai.

And Audrey has made a new best friend.

Whois this? It's Kika.

Is it playtime or nap time? It looks likenap time.

You want to take this one home in your backpack?Yes.

She would fit nicely.

Not a bad little view from over here huh?What are you drinking? Um, apple cider.

Alright, we've got the grill master here andhe's going to tell us what makes Braai much better than barbecue.

Well, firstly, barbecue is a sauce.


But the difference with a South African Braaiis the fact that we use real wood instead of charcoal.

And it gives a different flavorto the meat.

And that is a big thing.

Excuse me.

What have we got here? We've got some goodchicken.

Look at that.

This is sausage as well.

That looks so good.

But first.

So underneath the Braai that is where youhave the meat that is already done and the cheesy mushroom bread.

Here is the finished product.

Look at that.

Wow! So that is the bread? Yep.

It's the cheesy mushroom bread.

Show us that.


It is almost like a sandwich.

A hot sandwich.

That's for me.

Alright, we are checking out your plate.

Whatdo we got over here? So it is all dished up.

My first traditional Braai.

We've got somechicken, some sausage and some meat.

So I am ready to dig in.

What else do we have asidefrom that? Well, there is salad and potatoes on the side and some feta cheese.

But whois focusing on that.

Okay, first bite.

Who cares about that stuff.


That is wonderful.

You did a great job.

Cool, man.

Yeah, seriously.

Alright, stop filming me and enjoy your foodman.


Alright, I'm trying the sausage.

That is amazing.

South African Braai sausage is better than anything else I've ever tried.

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