Boyfriend Cooked Super Basic MASHED POTATO | คุณแฟนเข้าครัวทำมันฝรั่งสุดบริติชให้สาวไทยกิน

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I'm boiling onions in boiling water and carrots I'm going to make this gravy sauce I don't know exactly how to make proper gravy I did mix gravy powder with water once that thought it wasn't great mixing with onion boiling water is better I cut carrots into small pieced because I do not like eating carrots if they are small, then I wouldn't know the taste when eating them Now I'm mixing the soup with gravy powder just small amount of soup for now James said this Bisto brand is nice in supermarkets, there are gravy powder and gravy cream I like the powder one so I can season how I want it to be I have never measured it properly, so just guessing and stir.

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