Black People Try Soul Food For The First Time

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– You ever see somebodyeat something so good that they turn into a shaman? – I'm just curious is it, is it gonna taste salty? – I guess I'm completing the authenticity of my blackness today.

– Not bad, but it's not like super flavorful, either.

– Flavor's good, though.

I mean, not too much seasoning going on.

Not bland.

It's like, right in the middle.

– It tastes soulful.

– I'm sorry, I miss ham so much.

I don't eat ham a lot, but when I get it, I'm like, "Oh, ham! "I missed you, friend.

" – This is really good.

You got some more I can take home? – This smells great.

It looks great.

– It like, melted, right when it hit my tongue, so that's a good sign, something really good.

– You know, collards takeso damn long to like, rinse.


You gotta clean collards right.

– Did you say coloreds? – Collards.

– Even when given the scraps, like, Black people knowhow to make a dollar out of 15 cents.

– Oh, like hip hop? – Oh, yeah.

– Uh, it's a foot.

It's a legit foot.

– [Woman] It's so fatty, ugh! – Suck on the feet, you know? – Yeah, suck it.

That's the way you eat soul food.

– This is so gummy.

– Mm-mm.

– I'm not feeling this at all.

– I like it.

– This looks so f-(bleep) good.

– This is like the Blackperson's, like, cup of noodles, when you in college.

It's grits.

– [Man in Red] Yeah.

– I don't know.

They're all right.

– Mm-mm.

– Sugar on grits, by itself.

– I do salt and butter, not sugar.

That's disgusting.

Eat Cream of Wheat, you crazy people.

– Oh.

– It's warm! – Wow.

– It's so good.

– It reminds me of a toaster strudel.

I mean, this is 10 timesbetter than that, but like– – Hell, yeah.

– This is the only dish that you put out that I feel compelled to finish.

– I'm sweating.

– My god, she's sweating.

– My boobs are- [Man] She's getting, like, sweating.

– [Man] hot flashes.

– Whoever's momma made this– – This pleases the lip.

– Does she got a daughter? – Definitely important.

This reminds me of, like, my family, and like, community.

– [Woman] Yeah.

– [Man] Like, I might makea phone call after this.

– When you're able to eat somebody's food, that you know they've put love into, it's kind of like, what, communication.

– Soul food is good sh-(bleep), man.

It's amazing.

This is definitely like the, how Big Mama died in Soul Food, got her foot cut off? – It's too soon.

– Might as well, you lost your foot.

Almost burned down the house.

– I can't eat this.

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