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– Hey, guys, it's time foranother meatless Monday recipe, and this month I wanted toshare with you my version for a Thai red curry.

I love this idea, especiallythis time of year, because it is warm and satisfying and will also feed a crowd.

It's a pretty simplerecipe to put together, and it would be a great oneto serve for Thanksgiving if you're looking for avegetarian or vegan option.

You can also make thewhole thing the day before, making it even easier.

Let me show you how to put it together.

To begin, we are going to heatsome non-flavored cooking oil in a large stock pot.

And then to that we're gonna add two cups of thinly sliced white onion.

I just like to slice theonions into half moons, because I find that they'reeasier to eat that way.

And you're gonna cook your onion just until it's nice andtranslucent and fragrant.

And at that point you're going to add one clove of minced garlic and two teaspoons offreshly minced ginger.

And you can stir thatup for about a minute until everything is nicelyfragrant and incorporating.

And then at this stage we are going to add four tablespoonsof the red curry paste.

Now, you could also make this recipe with the green curry paste too.

I like the red, becauseit's a little bit more mild, in my opinion, and Ialso feel that it looks a little bit more fall-likebecause of its red color.

But it's up to you.

And then you're just gonnastir in the curry paste with the onions and theginger and the garlic, making sure that everythingis nice and incorporated.

You wanna cook it forabout a minute or so.

And then at this stage we'regoing to add three cans of full-fat coconut milk.

Now, when you get to the store, you're probably gonnasee three different types of coconut products.

You've got the light coconut milk, a can that's labeled just coconut milk, and then you'll see a little can usually labeled coconut cream.

So make sure you get the canthat just says coconut milk.

That will be your full-fat.

And I like it better for curries, because you're gonna get amore decadent, creamy texture.

Typically the light coconut milk is better for soups and things, but it's up to you.

You really could use either.

Now, the thing to keep in mind with the full-fat coconut milk is that it does have atendency of separating, so you'll see the coconutwater will separate and that the coconutcream will become solid and rise to the top.

Don't worry, it hasn't gone bad.

That's just what it does.

And you can just stir it up with a fork, or you can just pour thewhole thing in your pot and stir it up once you get it in the pot.

It will completely dissolve.

And then we are gonna addtwo teaspoons of brown sugar, one teaspoon of salt.

So now our base for ourcurry is ready to go and we can start to add our vegetables.

So the first up is twocups of sweet potatoes, and you wanna put those inthe pot and get those going, because those are gonnatake the longest to cook and become tender, so around eight minutes andthey should be fork tender.

And once the sweetpotatoes are done, then–.

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