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– Hey guys.

Today I'm going to show you how to make one of my favorite breakfast treats.

A Dutch Baby Pancake.

I love this recipe becauseit's the perfect thing to make on a lazy weekend morning.

And the best part isI bet you already have all of these ingredients already on hand.

So the first thing we're goingto do is prepare our batter.

So in a large bowl we're going to add a half cup of flour, a quarter teaspoon of salt, a tablespoon of sugar, and just whisk that all together.

Then we're going to add a cup of milk and then whisk that togetheruntil it's nice and smooth.

Then we're going to add two eggs and a teaspoon of vanilla.

Go ahead and just beat thatup and your batter is ready.

Then the next thing we're going to do is take out an oven safe skillet.

So this is something thatcan go right in the oven, so don't use anythingthat has a plastic handle.

And we're going to add in three tablespoons of unsalted butter and pop it in a 400degree fahrenheit oven.

Now we want to melt our butter in the oven so that our skillet alsohas a chance to heat up.

That's going to help our pancake really become nice and risen and puffy.

So as soon as your butter is melted, you can go ahead and pour in the batter.

And then set your timerfor about 16 minutes.

That's when you want to check it.

At that point, you want to make sure that the whole thing is niceand risen up and golden brown, but it could take as long as 18 minutes.

So just keep an eye on it.

So the Dutch Baby is really best served right out of the oven, because it will start todeflate on you as it sits.

So you want to make surethat you have everything on your table ready togo so you can serve it as soon as it comes out of the oven.

Then as soon as your pancake is done, you can bring it to the table.

Dust it with some powdered sugar.

And then you can also slice it into wedges and serve each one witha squeeze of lemon juice.

But it's also really good with jam too, so you could also use yourfavorite jam if you wished.

I love this recipebecause it's so comforting on a cold Winter's day.

It's such an easy thing to whip together, and you will find it's theperfect little treat to enjoy when you're just loungingaround on a Saturday morning reading the paper andenjoying a cup of coffee.

All right you guys.

I'll see you back here nextweek for another easy recipe.

Until then, bye.

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