BEST Wine for Beginners: ITALIAN WINE

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Bonjourno! Welcome to Underneath The Bottle! So some of you have been asking me: "Michael.

?" "I really want to get into wine.

" "I really want to get into wine but where do I start?!" The thing is.

You gotta.


Wine is so huge so HUMONGOUS! You have to like.

Narrow it down.

So in this segment.

We are going to narrow it down to ITALY So the things you have to look out for when you go and get a wine.

You need to look for BALANCE.

between sweetness and acidity and also body wise.

You don't want a punch in the face! You want to look for a bottle that is like low to medium bodied.

Somewhere in between there.

and also tannins.

they have to be low or non existent.

what so ever! and I feel like thats the thing that makes people go all inn.

Or all out If your first wine is a BAROLO Made from the Nebbiolo grape which is super tannic.



and complex! That IS the.

Punch in the face! You do not want to start there.

you might not come back again.

nah, I am not saying that but ehm.

It is not a great starting point.

That is what I am trying to say! So, let's get into the wines! I bought this for today! It is a barbera d'asti ! Barbera is the grape, a very juicy, soft and berrylike grape variety.

I feel like Italian wines in general are pretty good on the amount of acidity So this wine is from the northern part of Italy, in the Piedmonte region.

And Asti is the nearest town to the producing area! 3 2 1 *pop!* Oooouh.

Another thing that I want to mention is: the vintage.

The age go for young wines! Let's smell it, Blackberries Violets Just the kinda.

fruity juicy stuff Alright, let's taste it! It has a tiny grip, but it is soooo.

fresh! and like, it's like.

eating berries you know.

Good balance! Acidity and sugar that's what we want in a beginners wine! This is a very good introduction for Italian wines.

*clap* Ok, I am going to open the other one! Which is going to be a.

Pinot Grigio! That is the grape variety.

Pinot Grigio is a very known.

Trending, grape variety at the moment.

People love the Pinot Grigio! Actually, the grape variety comes from France, localy named "Pinot Gris".

and this is the Italian take on it! So, it is from Trentino-Alto Adige which is north east part of Italy, bordering to Germany.

The reason why people like Pinot Grigio that much is that.

It is fruity! It is lovely! It is.

very likeable! Let's smell it.


I am getting like Pear, some apple/pear combination going on.

Maybe some citrus.

Let's taste it Oh! This is good! I like that.

SO much! Pear! Instantly.

Maybe some apricots in the finish here.

The body is towards medium because of the residual sugar that is in here.

It is also very acidic so we are talking balance.

It is all about balance, guys.


! Recommend trying this.

Anyhow, this is the part where I ask what kind of wines YOU like: So I asked my viewers on Facebook.

what kind of wines.

What kind of Italian wines they like! Shingo Suzuki, said: Valpolicella Fiano and Barbaresco! AND Moscato di Asti! Hey, thank you Shingo! Alright.

I think that's it.

Thank you so much for watching Please leave me a comment Subscribe to my channel I will do more of these videos I mean we got so many other countries to taste We got France! We got America! Argentina! You name it! SPAIN! Whatever! We will get there! If you want to get better at wines.

and like wine knowledge, wine tasting.

Whatever! I recommend you tasting as many grapes as possible, countries, styles.

Do it! And make tastingnotes.


Write it on your computer on a piece of paper I use an app.

called Vivino I have been using it for a long time and I have now an archive of wines I have been tasting.

So I can always go back and be like: "Yea I have tasted that, it was good.

" "That one not as good, never gonna taste that one again" and it get's really easy to recognize bottles and styles.

It is a good way to learn and as always.

Double glass kanpai? Ok, lets do it.



Pai! Yeah! *silence mumbling* mmh, great stuff oh! I poured myself a whole glass! I didn't even realize and it is breakfast time! Jesuz christ.

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