Best Pho in Saigon… with Kyle Le!

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What's up, everybody! I'm here in Saigon.

With the one and only.

Kyle Le Thank you, Kevin.

Hello, guys.

This guy has produced a ton ofvideos about traveling.

Vietnam, living here, the food here.

and also videos all over Asia.

Pretty much, he's a certified expert when it comes to Vietnamese food.


Most of the time.

We're here at Phở Lệ because.

Kyle told me that this is the best place inSaigon to eat pho.

Why is Phở Lệ your favorite restaurant? Is it because you have the same name? -No, no, no! I'm Le.

This is Lệ It's a Vietnamese tonal situation, but.

The reason why I like this place is because.

if you were to take this broth and put it in your refrigerator.

in the morning, it would have this much fat layered on top.

And that's the key to good pho, guys.

That fattiness.

Let's dig in! I forgot the garnishes.

This is something that you can't find in America.

Rice paddy herbs?-Rice paddy herbs.

It adds to much extra flavor in addition tothe oregano and sawtooth coriander.

Not in the U.


, folks.

First bite.

Welcome to Vietnam.

You need a spoon because that's how the locals do it.

Kind of slurp it.


Get a little broth.

Put the noodles in the spoon,get a little broth.

Going for a meatball here.

Don't be afraid to slurp.

The key is to slurp.

You have to slurp.

In the north, you're gonna struggle a bitwhen it comes to food, compared to the south.


It's not that good.

What makes the food different? For example, the pho in the north won't have as much meat.

as it does here.

The broth is a little bit salty.

it has more MSG.

This broth is sweeter and richer.

I love pho so much in the souththat I put it here as Saigon, on my shirt.

It's just my experience eatingthose things in these major cities.

In the north, bun cha is what you have to eat.

In Vietnam, every restaurant is different.

Especially these mom & pop establishments,like Phở Lệ, for example.

If you're gonna go to some random placeoff the street, you might be disappointed.

Having something that's locally owned.

is always the best, in my opinion.

There's always that argument overthese mass companies coming in.

versus the local products.

Local food will always reign supreme.

There will always be street food.

For me, it's a myth that you can get a cheap.

bowl of pho that's good in Saigon.

I think, minimum, you have to pay30 thousand (dong) or 40 thousand.

All the places I've seen that looklike they have a lot of people in the restaurants.

are seling for around 60 to 70.

Yeah, exactly.

Because beef is expensive.

To get a decent bowl of pho, you're right:60 to 80, depending on which kind you get.

We got the special, so everything was in there.

It's gonna cost a little more, butyou get what you pay for.

Especially with pho.

You can't go cheap with pho.

Everything else, yeah.

But not with pho.



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