Best Bread Italian Focaccia Recipe

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Hey guys cooking for you today my name isEugene preparing easy and simple focaccia bread for this recipe we are going to needthree cups of flour all-purpose flour is good, one and a half cups of tepid warm water some olive oil about 20 to 30 mil or just enough to get a dough to cometogether, two eggs tablespoon of dry active yeast 2 teaspoons sugar and 1 teaspoon of salt to a later stage we will need dried oregano, driedrosemary, caramelized onions and your choice of cheese in today I'm going touse goat cheese so if you have goat cheese you use that we can use Parmesancheese and any cheese is good for this recipe alright so i have three cups of flourfor you here today now we're going to add the yeast to it, sugar mix it with spatula and add the salt water hot water to this mix as well killthe yeast and it will not rise but the warm water does the cold water it willnot work as well the warm water activates the east andhelps the dog control together the fun part getting getting all mixed up this process take about 10minutes just to get the dough needed properly this case I noticed thatmy dough was a little bit too runny so I added another cup flower and atthis point I will add my olive oil and now it should start to come together as you can see I am rolling the dough against thewalls of the bowl point I will start out together and it's just more convenient for me todo it if you have an electric mixer with a paddle setting you can you can see youwork with your hands together around and put into a nice willrecover it going to cover it and they're going tolet it rise for about an hour and 20 minutes.

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