BELL PEPPER CHEESE PASTA recipe | How to make an Italian pasta

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Hello Friends! Nomoskar! Greetings! All are Welcome to Poligrill! Good food has no Nationality! No religion! Only taste matters! Today I'm gonna make a dish which originated in Italy! But, we make little improvisation to suit our taste! that is BELL PEPPER CHEESY PASTA To make this delicious dish I need Pasta Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cheese Onion Tomato Bechamel Sauce or White Sauce Red, Yellow, Green Bell Peppers White pepper powder Garlic paste and Ginger paste I use Olive oil for authentic taste Add squarely chopped onion Little salt now add 1/2 tsp garlic paste 1/2 tsp ginger paste chopped tomatoes Mix well these all Onion need to to fry much.

keep it juicy Now I add Pasta.

I already boiled it with salt, 3 hrs ago.

Also brushed it with olive oil to keep the moisture intact Now add bell peppers Now I add Bechamel Sauce or white sauce with it Stir and mix well Oho! My nice creamy Pasta.

Now I toss it a little! Never worry if you can't toss! Stirring and mixing is alright too! Now I add white pepper powder add salt Now I add cheese.

Parmesan Cheese is the best option, but rarely available in Indian market, so regular cheese is good enough Most Italian dishes are incomplete without.

Basil (Indian Holy leaf)! if you didn't use it before, just do it now! Trust me! taste of your dishes change dramatically! Here is my BELL PEPPER CHEESY PASTA just ready! This is my lovely, delicious, favorite PASTA dish! I do hope you enjoyed my Pasta recipe! I am sure, you can cook it even better, than me! So friends! Do tell me howz been your dish! Don't forget to subscribe this channel! I expect your sharing and comments! See you next time! Till then.


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