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treats from Belgium this is our first ever case test that wehave treat from Belgium so excited because it has a lot of chocolate so we're going to start with these andthey kind of remind me of that UK taste test what were those called I forgot and theyhave like a little sponge cake and a little filling and chocolate on top I can think of it tell me in thecomments what is it what is it why am I thinking 10 times that'sAustralia no no no no jaffa cakes haha i thought it this lookslike a jaffa cake but this was from Belgium Belgium have its own version ofjava application jumpy I don't know what you don't know aboutyour orange flavor this I've been through the same thing yeah oh my god they're just like it hasa little like a sponge cake kind of cookie at the bottom and the inside hasthe orange filling and then on top has a little bit of chocolate smells likeyummy orange damn i still don't get what thebig hype is about those jaffa cakes these are ok has a really nice orangefeeling inside the chocolate is really nice but the cookie or the biscuit orthe cake whatever it is it's so lame and itdoesn't taste like anything if that tasted like vanilla cake or vanilla this kit or even an almond biscuits andI would be like oh my god the best night ever tried but yeah so that biscuitunderneath just killed it for me there's nothing so i'm going to givethis guy a three billion has net little oh but the next item these are biscuits almond butter beansknow what I love the ginger fans just thought i would put it out there thoseare my absolute favorite let's see you all there they're broken like really fan do you can actually seepieces of almond in there that's really cool who they have a nicesmell to them what is that mm-hmm like it so far so good it's going to dryso good oh I'm gonna finish this entire tri isso good find these are very thin they're packedfull of flavor delicious find these wherever you're atask four billion butter almond this they are daily skills alright guys i'mgoing to give these guys 5 video the next one is a little bit ofchocolate like kind of sprinkle the sprinkles like like they drew chocolatelying on top and AH love coconut with the giant mackerel and I don't know whyI said little look at that huge oh my god it smells like heavenlychocolate school I'm gonna get going to cut it in halffor you guys maybe ok and I want to break it all up so I'mjust going to get a bike it was good it was good up deliciousthat coconut is perfect not too sweet is not too dry not too moist chocolateis perfection as well this is delivered ships so I'm going togive this guy five billion had our last item is this giant box in on top it haslike a chocolate and at the bottom has like these little likesea animals like a sea shell and sea horse and all kinds of goodies made outof chocolate oh my god I cannot break that it's toobeautiful like a perfect little chocolate egg okay i'm gonna do that last I cannotbreak that yeah they're so beautiful we did that line these are really coollet's give it a try really really nice this is made with thefinest belgian chocolate with a hazelnut praline feeling that feeling inside justit's a beautiful thing I can't do it I can't break the egg it's so beautiful so we have to say I'mgoing to squeeze it now I completely destroy this poor littleegg there's chocolate all over the place butI'm trying to now mmm nice oh you got a lot of chocolate it is so good guys so I'm gonna get thisguy 515 head all right you guys are beddedit for another taste test thank you so much for coming back week after week thank you so much for everybody who givethe video a like leave me a comment down below and also for those of you whosubscribe to the channel I so much appreciate you if you are new to thechannel you should subscribe I put out a tastetest video every single week for your enjoyment I would love for you to join ourcommunity if you guys have some products or have an idea for a different countryfor me to try leave that down in the comments belowand maybe i'll pick 12 years all right i'll see you guys next time.

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