Bangkok Lunch Vlog: Specialty Thai Chinese Street Food Serving Roasted Goose Feet 4K

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to the carbon bar place actuallynormally serves some other dishes I was interested in likely part goose but thathas already sold out instead we're having a traditional bowl of a rice porridgeand and steamed fish if you recognize the place behind me its from thevideo I just posted recently where back here of course I did my goose theother day I came here specially for the goose the goose section is actually the partof the restaurant where you have to sit in the open era so what a lot of peopledo is they'll go to the counter place behind me and they'll order from thisplace to so they have some interesting staire fries they have a lot ofgoose if you come here during lunch is pretty busy and see like an assemblyline of people actually a making the dishes and putting them together I'llshow you a little bit on what they have to offer today just gonna be a shortvideo but you can check this place out if you feel like coming tothis neighborhood of Phatthanakan and it's it's just the kind of place that wouldnormally be in Chinatown but it is way out here on the outskirts of Bangkok andyou don't really see anyone besides locals talking about it or eating hereso I hope you enjoy this trip and i can actually check this place out if you'reif you're visiting this part of Thailand for some reason we got the basically the meet ofthe goose and it's in a pillow soft pillow is just the Chinese five spicesauce this is served with a vinegary sauce that's full of garlic and ginger I'm not reallya fan of the sauce I think the meat has a great texture is its kind of fattyit's it's a little bit sweet from the way it's been raised and I think theclosest comparison would probably be to to duck if you had if you had duck before we've also ordered a plate of jub chai ! jub chai is like the Chineseversion of collard greens almost it's it's a very thick leafy vegetable thathas been has been boiled and you serve it up with some mushrooms is thisversion also has braised pork ribs inside actually it's a lot of its a lotof the jub chai and not much ribs so don't order it for that but if you do like theflavor of this is like a salty savory flavor if you like that flavor then youwill probably like this dish and it's pretty much the only the vegetables on the menu for the most are finally the dish that I have my heart set on the most actually this dish ofgoose legs covered in covered in noodles so I'm gonna scoop up a little bit ofthat you have a look alright I just finished that great meal of a goosefeet and some other tasty really tasty dishes the feet themselves have a realstrong ginger and especially like a cinnamon and I meat type flavour very typical Chinese flavors a great place to get so much business is a constantstream of cars coming in and out so it is a popular place at lunch timeespecially if it's busy and loud and there's a lot of action action happeninghere I do recommend this even if even if the feet themselves look a littleunappetizing to you you may want to try and especially if you do love that kindof Fragment even a little bit slimy kind of texture that you get from like chickenfeet you love this because really the attraction to goose is that the feetthemselves are probably about twice the size and got all that heavy texture thatof status just soak up the ginger and garlic and everything that's at thebottom of that pot I think the way they cook it as they put all the slices ofpeppercorns the peppercorn the ginger and everythingat the bottom and they let that cook and steam and and just kind of big intothere for a while and then they throw the goose skin and everything on top andthen put that back on the fire even this that sliced pork belly that's inside oftheir everything has really given its flavor awaits you the goose and thenoodles that are on top I will say that you may be tempted to only order thisinstance prices about 350 baht I believe you may be time to only ordered that butif you get it on its own it is a little oily so and also the noodles can be alittle try just a quick update had to come back here on this the other day but also hope youenjoy the other video about the fish that's available at their same restaurantjust across the little lanes the parking lot this dish for the rosty goose legs is aboutthree hundred and fifty baht also keep in mind that goose is not very easy to findso it is pretty much a specialty street food shops you can find all the detailsincluding a map to location in the Description box let me know if you haveany questions and I'll be back with some more street food soon.