Bangkok Bites Into Thai Street Food at Ratchawat Market!

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Today you get my tip on a place that’s theperfect size for an off the beaten path morning adventure in a Thai market.

Introducing Ratchawat market, located in theold part of Bangkok about 15 minutes or more from Victory Monument depending on traffic.

Ratchawat is a special market because it’snot so enormous that you get lost, it’s overrun with food vendors so much of the marketspills out on to the sidewalks, and it’s surrounded by a great collection of tastyrestaurants, all on the same street! This means you can grab ingredients from thefresh market, pick up food to take home, and have an outstanding Thai street food mealall in the same place.

I particularly like the fried pork vendorat the front of the market and the four or five traditional Thai dessert vendors nearthe exit.

Because the of the market’s old town locationand size, it’s often overlooked for the larger and more central markets around Bangkok.

I recommend showing up to the market duringthe lull between the morning rush and lunch rush, at about 9 or 10am.

This will give you plenty of time to leisurelyexplore, taste, or even organize your own street food tour hopping from stall to stall.

For example, There’s an old rickety fishnoodle stall called Nai Joe (aka Joe’s Place), which looks as though it’s never been upgraded.

The tables are worn out and wobbly, it’snoisy thanks to the classic ice grinding vendor next door, but it serves delicious noodlesand feels like the real Bangkok you’ve been craving.

You can also grab a hungry friend like TJ,a travel vlogger from the channel Cup of TJ, and roll up to Sawadee Pad Thai, one of myfavorite spots in the city for skillet fried pad thai noodles and oyster omelettes.

You’ll find them continuously being workedby two to three chefs out front, conjuring up a cloud of smoke and noise as they cook.

The restaurant is larger than it looks andhas an extended dining area in the back.

However I like to sit up front and order stirfried turnip cakes, and their special pillowy, egg wrapped pad thai, while I watch the furiouslycooking chefs and people walking by.

The fun of hunting tasty eats in this offthe beaten path market, combined with delicious nearby restaurants earns this experience atotal 5 out of 5 points.

Are you ready to kick it in Bangkok’s Ratchawatmarket? Visit CupofTJ on youtube for our upcomingcollaboration vlog filmed here and subscribe to this channel for more tasty bits and bitesof Bangkok!.

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