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Hey my lovely viewers welcome to Kanak's Kitchen Today I will be showing you a traditional savoury snack of India, which is prepared during any kind of festivals and occassions that is Chakli These are quite crunchy and tasty, made out of rice flour These are fried in the form of swirls or spiral shape coils You need basic ingredients for this recipe and chakli maker for sure.

Today I will be showing you the baked version of it.

Let's see the ingredients Ingredients In a bowl mix together both the flours Rice flour and the wheat flour You can choose only rice flour or wheat flour Add in the salt, red chilly powder, black pepper powder Some asafoetida, carom seeds, ginger chilly paste Turmeric powder, and the sesame seeds Mix it well Pour in the hot oil, mix it well Until the oil is taken in by the flour nicely Pour in the yogurt and again mix it.

Now add water, little at a time Knead the dough until it is semi stift dough Do not knead it very stiff This is ready and it is semi stiff Cover it with a damp cloth and keep aside Pre heat the oven, at 170 degrees celcius For 8-10 minutes, now place the dough into the chakli machine, it is a chakli machine with star shape inside Grease the dough nicely all over it.

Shape it into a log to put it inside the chakli maker Close it and start to press in round motions Slowly to make chaklis out of it Do this on an oil surface or on butter paper Keep swirling around slowly Make sure to stick the edges So they don't tear apart while frying Put it into the preheated owen at 170 degrees celcius for 15 minutes, then remove it and brush it with some melted butter or oil Again bake it for another 10-12 minutes You can flip it onto the other side to make it even golden brown colour and bake it for another 10 minutes Overall it will take 20-25 minutes These are baked nicely with good golden brown colour Remove them and let it come to room temperature Hope you liked my crunchy baked chaklis These are slight harder than deep fried ones These are tasty and low in calories They make a great snack for tea time Do try out this baked version of making chaklis Do share the video with your friends Click the bell icon to receive mobile notifications for regular updates from my channel Hit the like button, share, comment and subscribe to the channel Kanak's Kitchen I will see you next time Bye Bye.