Babi Guling Pak Malen ( Bali suckling Pig)!! Indonesian Food Tour in Bali

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Yesterday, after dinner I passed out I fell asleep until now (8am) In the morning, shops are not open yet There are many clothing shops And there are many supermarkets Early in the day, eating suckling pig is perfect Because the meat is freshly cooked Now i am at Pak Malen suckling pig Around Legian It is very famous It is packed even it is only 9 am in the morning So they bring the spices in a truck With all the rice too What do you want? 2 mixed babi guling rice 1 extra skins 2 mineral water for the drinks You're so smart.

The skin right? Yeah, you have it right? The rice, 2 portion 2 water It is early and the crowd is crazy And the kid is so cute I thought that last mine was mine I think this one is mine The kid is keep on running And he can only bring 2 at a time Shoot, thats not mine either! After 20 minutes of waiting Our food is here Here i have the mixed meat with rice The rice will follow We have the crackling The skin Here we have some coconut veggies Here we have the sambal, satay , and the meat as well The soup, it has some pork meat It has some chayote i think It is kind of yellow in colour The rice comes with some chilli sambal The combination of flavour Its is spicy and so aromatic The meat is kind of unique It is similliar to chicken meat As in other places, the meat is more pulled apart This one has more seasoning too I will try just the meat So tender And the spices really goes through the meat A bit on the oily side A bit spicy The spices really shines here There are some pork fats there Maybe thats why it is oily Good, but i do not think i can finish it Because it is too oily for me So crispy and smells amazing There is a layer of good fats Perfect skins The meat is nice even though it is different I like the skin though So crunchy The satay Sweet and tender And not too fatty I am finished here I love the spices and herbs It is rich with stuffs like coriander, lime leaves, and smells of candlenuts too The chillies are great too The skin is also extra crispy My least favourite part is the meat I like it more pulled apart But it goes back to your own taste The life in Bali So nice to be able to do this everyday The wave man!.

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