Babi Guling Ibu Oka (suckling pig) . Indonesian Food Tour in Bali.

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We're going to try the most famous Suckling pig in Bali: Ibu OKA I ordered the mixed rice special at Babi Guling Bu Oka They put the meat on top of the rice the spices are on the meat right away I love the texture of the meat You can still see the meat texture Plenty of veggies There are some blood sausages too Crispy skins Not too fatty or too dry The flavour is very fresh You can taste the meat so clearly It doesn't have the unimportant things very very moist We are going to try the intestine crackling very very crispy the veggies are not too salty The spices is very well balanced though, not too strong The star is the skin You heard it before how crispy it is so clean the taste is amazing the fats is just right amount melting but not too much the skin is so caramelized with coconut if you only eat at one place this represents the suckling pig the right way the flavour is spot on i can't come to Bali without coming here And it is very famous Many people like pak Malen's better But it is all preferences If you like balanced The one without too much punch I'd say Oka is better Overall everything is good I will try this chillies salty and oily we are done here the meat is amazing here we are going to take off now we will chill for a bit now.

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