Babi Guling Candra ( Bali suckling pig) . Indonesian Food Tour in Bali

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Earlier this mornign i ate at BABI GULING MALEN Personally i prefer some other places though This one is BABI GULING CANDRA It is just open here, near the betutu chicken So what is this actually? This is called LAWAR Is it coconut? coconut, jackfruit, and pork This one is the seasoning Complete with all kinds of herbs It is from the inside of the pig? yes If not it wont get through the meat So now i am at Candra suckling pig So here is the food Mixed pork with rice special It comes with soup I like this one better from MALEN Because this one is less oily Still very smooth But there is no turnips Here is the special mix of herbs and spices The best part is the meat It is more shredded in texture Maybe the process id slightly different I will try the coconut mixture and the meat The meat is covered with fats For me the meat is much better I can taste the muscle tissue of the meat The fats coat the meat perfectly They give us 3 pieces of skins What i love from the skin though It is not overly fatty as well Maybe this one is grilled longer It is more dry and crispy looking Just like candy So crispy And the fats is perfect I will try the skewer Similiar to the below the tree satay Not quite but.

Pretty good aroma the meat is also juicy and tender The spices is so nice too The soup is a lot cleaner Which i like better The taste is slightly different It is more subtle Not too spicy I can taste the garlic too The small meaty bits are nice I will now try the spices This thing makes the dish unique some sambal honestly, a bit on the salty side the weakness a bit too salty So i am done eating here They say the owner is the same as the other CANDRA Overall i love the meat, which is very moist The texture and also the fats on it is superb I also love the skins Crispy and delicious The spices are a bit salty for me but.

It is very strong in flavour too The soup is very light Personally i prefer CANDRA than MALEN But Malen is not bad So thankyou for watching this review We will continue eating.

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