Ayam Pek Cam Ke ( Chinese Boiled Chicken) Indonesian Food Tour in Jakarta

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so this is the chicken blood! young blood? no.


There is a song called "young blood"! (indonesian dangdut song) Yes but do not sing it now! please! Today i am at Taman Harapan Indah area In Angke district, Jakarta Today i will eat some porridge with my friend Her name is Alonkii This place is very famous and very very busy too People literally line up to get in This place's speciality is the porridge that is eaten with some boiled chicken (pek cam ke ) On top there some fried garlic some sesame oil And the flavour will explode! hello! This is Alonk or Vania This is her friend joining us So because they are late.

We dont get our porridge, they run out of it So we get some rice noodle soup instead?! Oh its okay! This is named Rice noodle Angke afterall right? (jokes) Yes and people will try to find it until death without success lol So why here? What makes you love this place so much? For sure their boiled chicken It is so good, there fore they run out not important jokes * So have you eaten here? no How bout the one in Mangga Besar? nope They are alike! But the other one open until late Maybe they provide more food? Maybe because they have many competitors there who? There are so many different places, the red etc etc That kamseng is Cantonese style so it is quite different style Oh but there is a similiar one next to it, not so busy though The blue one! Yes true! But Aguan is pretty busy too! Because it is different Next time we will rat there too! So she is actually a stand up comedian But im not wanted anymore Actually the comedy is wanted Only her is not Here it comes! This is the chicken blood The good part is actually the sauce and seasoning We got the wings And this is the duck rice noodle soup! Looks so good The soup is kind of thick This is the destiny of a fail photographer This place was so crowded before So this is the blood They use some soy sauce as well The dish is very Chinese influenced As they use a lot of sesame oil Also the condiments The sauce also is house made So we got the chicken wings part which always taste good from all the skins They add some cilantro Also some fried garlic They literally drenched it with sesame oil This is Chinese style comfort food I think especially Medan Chinese Usually Medan food are expensive! This one isn't cheap either The noodle looks great! I never tried this The soup is so clear Let me try it It is not too salty at all It is soft and subtle And also very aromatic As i think they cook the soup for a long time The noodle is more of like clearer style rice noodle It is soft and clear I guess it will be perfect with the chicken The noodle is so soft And also the colour is clear They purposely make it not too salty Because you need to eat it with this chicken You have to eat it with all the seasoning You have to give it a good stir like this Because the sauce is the best part Salty! But delicious! Perfect to eat this with the plain noodle Or even the plain porridge Textured like pudding so good! Because the noodle is not too flavourful That balance the whole thing Indonesians need their chilli sauce The sauce is a bit softer in texture The colour also a bit dark Also some soy sauce Just like cooking demo! Wow there is some actual steps like praying! delicious! So how is it taste? Is the sauce spicy? It is spicy but good! This is an eternal food meaning people will love this forever! Yes people will never quit eating these Perfect! Because the chicken is not too hot So when you combine it with the hot soup It mixes perfectly Oh.

Because the chicken is kind of cool But the soup is warm For me Never want to eat something with sauces right away I need to taste it as it is Damn.

too delicious The meat is so soft And the sesame oil just bursting with flavour Oh man this is so good The sauce though! This is bloody awesome! Perfectly spicy Also a bit salty And i smell a bit of pepper to it So the flavour lasts longer So awesome The noodle is actually very good too So now it is already 9 pm at night It is not too busy, but the food is literally gone So if you want, come around 7 pm The line was intense jokes* The place is not exactly clean But the most important thing is the food So we will devour this So these things are so awesome So thank you for your recommendations, and let's eat together again next time And thank you for waiting too! lol So her social media will be listed on the descriptions below So this place is extra ordinarily good For your hungry stomach at night So i will see you again in the next videos Do not forget to watch , subscribe and comment this video Also follow all social media below Bye!.