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today we taste test Australia but get right into the station today alway from Australian girls I havetreat now all my taste test let me tell youthat Australia was the most expensive here taint are all hand day the pilot ejects been to the Gettyin court from Australia italy hosts a shortbread 3 biscuit it looked a little like that you knowand they have a gun pain-killing yeah lol creamy build did this kid me smoky I can never packages never-ending it our primary goal on a biscuit they smell like you know when you goingto a bakery and they just highest from young fresh cakes well it'snot like it's not like brushed fire crew room that they putwhole ok here oh my god just by the way well they look like they're gonna bejust deal Beach for housing cream filling in for my cueme biscuit of grumman tonight want moves were the money so girl dials the water human for routine like we just like have approved a que the cookie is just crumble buttery just her action so I would boostguys by I remember to you licorice it seems to be a big deal here in Australia all licorice million hard liquors me from Australiagovernment the best workers in the world broader display because Indian rulingpowerful and I have not tried licorice that isgraveyard like green apples before so I'm sterlingI'm interested to see what all the hype is about Australia's licorice Philip Gillet my meeting girl me you know me probably here have to get pap me okay seasonal beautiful and Green Dayare in that picture you actually get through the inside Cape either sticky putting green beans newly to green bean our I'd on the keyand the car like it didn't hold okay in it binky me it gloomy not believe it denton think in it hell we're perfume smell board well okay who cares it he's like green apple it's not its chilly but not saw expected to releaseour 2003 just a normal lookers me it became pretty good don't be fooledby the parent come smile first opening after thatfirst line it's pretty I wanted these guys or shared no this guy with a vendor key Neymar to write think it wasa chocolate bar inside installed lieutenant or caramel filling it actually sometimelike honeycomb people sup create this waswere burning our hike minority who makes it Calgary North under orange here impulses are think top which is one long p with your on a break in half so that wedon't look comment i'd I'll your home very cool handle like this before so I'm excited all with his Australian candy taste like arm who smells like it's not a chocolateon the outside but on the inside I can smell nice lovely honey sent you like it world Letty on home 0 mom men in the US you're missing home we have been here CDs you live inthe US meeting before because I had not at least notlike a candy bar so good so the inside wouldn't kill intoit looks like it's going to be hard but it's not hard good almost like a real you can see whatthese Aaron it's just actually complex herphone he doesn't like styrofoam taking honeyyes so good special not operate on theall-time you guys he did it's pretty looks andfor just being anymore but it's all worth it so girl I would give this mom crime the perfume company can't hands mouth tongueand tonsil I think the whole team camp in yourmostly I think disorder called not tell me in thecomments were teams are but it's also a biscuit chocolate your mom are looking for like kidnapping like did mine be you don't remind me remember thechocolate cakes from a UK BDL except mister Mike chocolate tournament biscuit at the bottom right free ok the lead girl scout cookies yeah think it'll be ok now building Girl Scout cookie like in the remaining recanted leon whose like think like these chocolate in there pretty day I hopethat like this is coming from on care on side okay red your main you can see in them I think cookie with chocolate cookie to youcookie was gonna be a biscuit was gonna be been lol but I think chocolate outside her chocolate coating chocolate cookieand here now like feeling okay there as good as I thought we were gonna be routine community they're not bad butthey're not excellent I'm gonna give these guys agreementdated we have been you per month tell your mommake brownie usually plywood lower to the idea that would be your one wasgood service leanza let's give it a go hit me room okay I have my children on cue home ok shook hid hook ground home alright for their new I love it love the color %uh now homie then hope really good the room girl that youlike like year good you're not happy did Germany take to the year how littleweird aftertaste this is not to God not too strong and had a great deal later mild very good alright guys I would give thisguide core that thank you so much for joiningme for this Australian take care don't reactionsvideo will year closest thousand around lease we can push it down there will beanything might be very nice to be looking to do.

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