ASMR: African food | Eba and ogbono Soup | ASMR eating

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Now the first thing I'm gonna do is wash my hands you need to wash your hand before u eat African food *Water Sound* after washing my hand you just have to like Drain your hand off Thank You! now im gonna start to eat it know this is Ogbono Soup , Its very Nice Its lovely I Love my Meat , Its very Lovely Look at the frish Its very Lovely , We call It Macrel Fish In Nigeria People love it so Much , Its Lovely and this is my OgBono Ogbono is Very Lovely In My Next Video I'll be eating Nigerian Fried Rice Its Gonna be very Lovely I wanted to say thanks for watching this and share the video You guys are very are very wonderful , I Love You Guys marcrel Fish Is Good for the skin we have lovely Food in Africa , Healthy Food.

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