Asian American Kids Eat Pho | Vietnamese food

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Children think about Pho? This meal you eat anything? City Alli delicious ko? Delicious Tasty? Yes Compared with American cuisine, fatherless they think? Pho or Hamburger? Coi other children how to think? Fly? French fries Would you like fries? Yes Would you like fries I just like potato chips? Both mention the small fries chicken Nugget But mommy.

asked me which one you like Pho or Hamburger? Noodle Soup, Hamburger And Hamburger Noodle? Yes I like both? Yes Children what to choose, Pho or Hamburger? City Why? Because tasty sauces Delicious sauce? And what are not? And let the tree Why do you like the sauce? Because delicious and warm Why pho? Because dry Hamburger, children like soup.

I like noodles.

So I chose Pho? Yes Why do you like noodles? But I liked But I prefer? Yes Da mommy❤️ It contains? Yes Noodle 1 win over votes Please fatherless our other videos.

Source: Youtube