Arthur Avenue Italian Food Tour in the Bronx By Feast On History

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welcome to our throughout the heart oflittle italy in the Bronx where you'll find the very lastremaining enclave of italian food shops in New York City many of which have beenin business for over a hundred years that's me and my wife my name isChristian Galliani i'm a native New Yorker first-generation italian-americanand former sommelier from Mario Batali and Joe Bastianich my wife DanielleOteri's family's been in the neighborhood for over a hundred yearsthey film that great movie Marty right in her family's butcher store in 1955you know the one that won best picture will take you on a two-hour ArthurAvenue food to taste mouth-watering cannoli energy do pastry the mostexquisite sfogliatelle you're going to find outside Naples and morons pastryshop delicious oysters at Cosenza's and we'll get the sample over a dozendifferent cheeses at Calandra's including truffle cheese and will sample the chiefof the bread and Addeo's bakery the only make it on friday or saturday you can'teven get it in Italy anymore going to gaze up at that beautiful ceiling made ahomemade sausages I collaborate pork store they're also generous with thesamples let's stock up on imported goodsdirectly from Italy at Mount Carmel Foods foods in the Arthur Avenue retail marketand when we're done we're going to sit down the Salerno style pizza at Tino'sover the course of these two delicious hours you're going to have theequivalent of a really large lunch so come hungry i did remember to mentionthe truffle cheese tonight oh yeah i did just that I'd say it againjoin us for this great food tour of arthur avenue in the bronx for moreinformation or to purchase tickets go to feastonhistory.

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