Arroz con pollo | Mexican Chicken and Rice Recipe

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arroz con pollo barbecue and buffalo chicken and I just want to give a shout out torate Matt Mexican chicken and rice good brother my wife has the car in theshop I'll see you monday is the European get out and get to the the cream of mushroom victory whatever Iwas gonna use it so I do you want to know that you fired best arroz con pollo recipe pieces heads human brain excited here we're a little bit the a women claim he did a video Kurdistan region whichmakes him through will hear work and could have backissues were you doing today is mama a row apollo work so girls W basically chicken rice gonna change either just a little bit itshould be a bomb if that means she the race so angry if you look like small someareas may be different it would the traditional would be lettuces itshould be a fun compliance little one on working with my so you're gonna be first time to startup against them chicken thighs here glidden set theseaside I hair some grains america's at theSherwood kinda greens there there little different than what I'm used even I'm lonesome dreams I guess ima fresh corn I have some garlic I havesome hatch bridge chili powder I have some chickenbouillon in onion I have some other be inactivity over here to you that thisrecipe I have some hatch green chilies fromlast year's a partners the net programs gotta give your next new bass cover andpretty soon and I have them always keep fruit slasher on hand I useit all the time those are good we are greedy and nowwhen you guys come back I will have this the these dreams canoccur and I'm just gonna come up in theCaribbean's I will just take the car in how to make arroz con pollo colonels so we're doing on that and thenI'm just gonna Dicer kinda borough cherub on these a on the garlic the program to use aboutor clothes on their and the bacon and I have could have beentwo other little Cana cue not not slices but thank you and I'll just have the cilantro gonnarupture still I'm going to get some differentwork done and the will be back here in a minute gathering think they're talking about onmy previous to forget to tell you about the damn race which is what happens youknow back the Mac App is chicken and I'm justroll over five pieces I'm go ahead and get some seasoning onearth now and this is just the helping your saw so me get that honor west side damn with them cayenne pepper man to tell you far the best thingsabout work with others he's hot spice anyway I met with mixed now but at one overhere is at the bank in this I'm here just forcooking that down a little bit see how much out that I could pull out abit van I'm going to train that and I'm I'm gonna go ahead and get the chickenin this him just come Brown it up a little bitclearly has that's gonna take a little while are youhave my ear so might really have cut right there isstill have my originally a dance my government to go they will pick it upin a few minutes cooked with bacon down and you can see apic render some decent Greece up for their I get to thebacon here go ahead at my chicken just brown a now with dark skin sidedown me me and I'm gonna do there get both thesides turn and whether we pick it up almostcertainly brown and low-key on were get left a helluva him for the ground from where get this in roughly killer for me either me capital look intheir power as the culture ministry fair so no we go ahead this is gonna be mine onions my slide thru my garlic and Mike or something to hidden through the area other good hurt feat matter her math actually kinda delays in my family long-lived go ahead have mine they came back in Mexican rice recipe him with my refueling pepper right from yeah this is gonna be too comfortable race hampshirites you're always gonna wannayou 231 3 for here went to the locker is youraunt math regularly her hit where this water yeah got one more both pair Justin and just little red chillipowder people actually tumor you look later never comeback where some chicken bouillon phones there you go I'm ago hidden get this chicken him right and come and get him down and there so they're covered up I'm gonna go aheadand get this bring this through them you don't haveto stay around that I think you know the Puerto rican pollo com pollos their I'm addicted well the pastDecember then ima shut down on low with barely a seminar in let it go for35 minutes we should be good to go so good I damnnear forget my greens just gonna listen to separate the parkmany of them so that should they not only to get him deep in their gonna be prime weatherhere it looks like it's just now coming up customers shut this down get this letback on it we're good to go find out that it wasn't looking so good is here at the end there for gotta back withthis final product and I'm gonna have Peruvian arroz con pollo take a taste tester this burden let mecome up here in Chi NHA get a closer look at his name is nowcalled the skin I just left the skin and their when Iwas cooking this for added flavor so you can go ahead discard their want togo ahead and take a break encounter tell me what you think who does hander merchant-ivory bullshit justtells the true really good it's ridiculous isn't it me nice you want to try some other best arroz con pollo recipe greens and rice nice business good has a nice kick that we were yes there good ayatollah thanks to my dog barbecue comment Cisco router check out themovies and videos I got some good stuff coming up tosimilar show should.

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