Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : Preparing the Meat for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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Welcome back everybody from Expert Village.

Now, we're moving onto the next process of the meal, which is the preparation of themeat.

As you can see, this is the meat that's been marinating for a few hours here.

We havea few spices.

A lot of Joya products.

One things that traditional about all Latin foods.

Lemon juice, season salt, adobo, little bit of red peppers, and you see a little bit morecon cilantro y achotes.

This has been sitting for a good time, so that means it's goingto be nice and flavorful.

What I'm going to do is I'm going to pull this out right hereand I'm going to dice it up into some nice little pieces.

Fun, fun, fun.

Cut them up nice and smooth.

There you go.

Kind of like Chinese food.

You know how they cut their meat up.

We do thesame thing.

But they don't marinate it like us.

There we go.

The meat is being chopped.

If you get some little pieces of fat there, you can just go ahead and toss them to theside.

, but you know what, they sometimes make it even better but it's not too healthy.

Ilike to pull them out.

This mi amigos is el ultimo tanto de chuleta, pork chop.

Marinatedpork chop, which we know as chuleta.

I'm going to dice the last one up right here.


Now my friends, we are ready to cookthis meat up.

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