Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : Making the Sauce for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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The first phase, preparation for the salsa,olive oil.

Take a little bit of olive oil.

Basically, the way you know you got the rightamount of olive oil is you want to cover up the whole bottom portion of the pan.

You see,just like that.

It's all got to be wet.

Stir it around a little bit.

At this point, nowyou can turn on your stove because you want to make sure there's something in the panbefore you got the fire underneath.

We're going to put it on a low heat, level 3.


Now we have the gazeta de pollo.

It's a little chicken broth.

It's a little square thing.

You just take it right here and in and it goes just like that.

I know it looks weird.

It looks all by itself, but trust me that's the way it's supposed to look.

It is normal.

You can break it up a little bit as you've see how I just did that.

Break it up into4 little squares, stir it around a little bit, and that's good to go.

Next phase issalsa de tomate.

The huge sacrifice from earlier today.

The sofrito is now going to be used.

We're going to take it.

A nice good scoop full.

Into the pan it goes.

I like to be daringsometimes and put double portion.

There we go.

Move this over to the side, and the sofritois on.

Give it a little stir and make sure it's looking right.

Also, keep an eye on yourmeat too by the way.

Make sure it's moving and grooving.


Now we have our salsade tomate, which is next phase.

Make sure you got yourself a good can opener.

Now typically,if you're making a portion for 2 or 3 people, you would use half a can of tomato sauce,but if you're cooking for 5 or more you want to use the whole entire can.

Right to theend a little bit.

You want to do that.

Take a little knife, lift it up, and pour in justlike that.

This is the preparation.

Next phase.

Alright, make sure you keep an eye on yourmeat because you do not want it to burn.

Keep it stirred, keep it good.

Next, back to thesalsa over here.

We're going to take our gandules and we're going to pour it right in with thewater and everything.

Pour it right in there.

Just like that.

Put that to the side, giveit a little stir.

Put this right back right there.

The next phase is the achote.

Let'sgo ahead and dump the whole thing in there, stir it around, stir it around.

Actually,to make it even tastier, you can put 2 in there.

We're going to go ahead and put 2 ofthem in there.

You want to go ahead and stir this around just like that.

Now, you can takethe flames up a little bit more.

There you go.

Now, a little bit of adobo.

This is alltiming.

Just keeping a good eye on it making sure you don't over do it.

Give it a littlestir.

The next thing is a little bit of season salt.

Just want to make sure you know.

Good,good, good, good, good.

Put up the flame a little bit more, give it another little stir,and that's the salsa.

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