Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : Making the Rice for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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Alright, now we're going to get our rice ready.

Depending upon how many people you're going to feed depends on how many cups you're goingto put in.

We like to put half a cup for every mouth you're going to feed.

If there's 5 peoplethat's 5 half cups.

This is 3, 4, 5, and actually I think we're going to go ahead and go for6 because I think a few of us are going to want seconds.

What the heck, let's go for7 because this is going to be good.

Alright, this is the right everybody.

Take a look atit.

Sometimes there's black ones, sometimes there's ones that are no good and you cansee it, but this is actually a very good selection of white rice here.

This is just average whiterice.

You can pick it up at your average grocery store.

Goya works best.

There it is.

Thatis the rice.

That was 6 half cups of rice.

I'm going to come over here real quick andgrab this little spoon right here and make sure that this is twisting.

Make sure I gotthis going over here.

Then I'm going to come over here to my sauce, give it a little stir.

This is when you check it.

This is when you're going to go with your taste buds.


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