Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : Ingredients for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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We're back with Expert Village.

Now, the preparationand the beginning and of the journey and the mission of the proper sofrito.

This is it.

Right here as you see, we have a red pepper, green pepper, chilies, more chilies, and cilantro.

This is the heart of our food.

This is what makes our rice different and more unique.

I got to brag a little bit about our rice, arroz con gandules, because you know it'smy culture.

First of all, you need the olive oil.

You need a blender and of course, youneed electricity and a fan blowing behind you works great.

Here we go.

The first processis you need to rinse off the vegetables.

Now, the good thing about these things.

Feel them out, make sure they're nice and strongand healthy.

You don't want weak wimpy ones with black little dots on them because they'renot going to be nice and spicy.

You're going to take it, you're going to cut it right downthe middle.

You're going to see a wonderful world of seeds in there.

You see that.

That'sgood now.

Don't be startled, but we don't want to eat those things.

We want to rinsethem off.

You can rinse it right underneath the sink.

They actually all pop right out.

Drop it to the other side.

Now, at this point you can just rip them.

There goes the greenpeppers.

Take them, I'm going to put them right here with my cilantro.

Rinse it off,get all those seeds out of there, put them right in there.

Red pepper; same procedure.

Give it a rinse, give it a feel and a little smell.

So good.

As you see in the inside,you also have the little seeds.

Just go ahead and rinse those right out.

I really like redpeppers.

Good thing about red peppers and about me is you can just a little bite outof them.

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