Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : How to Serve Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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Welcome back Expert Village.

I believe thatwe are at the completion of the meal.

Let's go ahead and take a look.

Okay, now thereis a sampling that has to take place before anybody tries anything.

That's just a littlerule I have.

Take this.

This is just the rice, no meat.

Now, what I'm feeling out is fora softness behind the rice.

I don't want it to be stiff.

I don't want it to be hard.

Iwant it to be nice and soft and I don't want it to be mushy, but definitely we're not mushy.

We are what is known as pardito.

As you can see, the rice is standing, which that's whatparadito means by the way in Spanish.

Yeah, we're there guys.

We definitely made it.

Okay,but there is one more process that I have to do, which is one more toss and turn fromthe bottom to the top.

Now, this technically only takes place around 3-4 times while you'repreparing arroz con gandules.

I'm going to take it, and once again, we're going to dothe tango with the arroz con gandules.

Give it a little turn, a little turn, a littleturn.

Yes, tango, tango.

Actually, the tango didn't originate in Puerto Rico but salsadid.

We're going to salsa with the arroz con gandules, and here we go.

Yeah, we're round third base here guys, hereat Expert Village.

We're at the moment of completion and we're almost ready to eat.

Walla! Everybody out there in Expert Village, I want to thank you for this opportunity forme to share my culture with you of arroz con gandules con las chuletas.

I just want tosay thank you for the opportunity.

Thank you everybody out there.

There's all kinds ofinformation about our food, about our culture, ethnic styles, ethnic backgrounds.

My website,by the way is www.




You can see a little bit more about myself; a littlebit more about what I do.

I just want to thank you all guys out there for just taking thetime to watch this.

I just want to say enjoy your meals.

Be wise, be sharp, and alwaysbe safe when you're cooking when you're working around anything hot, anything that's preparedwith fire.

Always be safe, always be courteous, and always do everything with love, patience,righteousness.

Bon appétit Expert Village.

Aqui estamos y le doy las gracias a toda migente de mi pais, en las islas, por toditas las ciudades.

Mucho amor, muchas gracias lesdoy.

Kenny Marrero, aqui estamos.

Bien provecho.

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