Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : Cooking the Meat for Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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And now it's ready to take things to the nextlevel.

We're going to bring the fire on.

Go ahead and turn this little stove on righthere.

Put the little pan on it; a little dab of virgin olive oil to keep everything fromsticking.

One thing I do is just pick it up, stir it around a little bit.

Like that.

Therewe go.

And now the nice little juice that it was marinating into.

I'm going to go aheadand pour that right it there.

And now we bring on the meat.

Yes, yes, yes.

And you can turn this heatup a little bit by the way.

I like to put it around 7.

Lucky number 7.

Even for cooking.

Get rid of that to the side.

That's preparing.

Now, it's ready to take things to the nextlevel.

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