Arroz Con Gandules Recipe : Adding the Rice to Puerto Rican Arroz Con Gandules

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And we're back everybody out there from ExpertVillage and we're almost at the completion of the phase with the arroz con gandules.

Next thing is the mixture, the combination, and the unity of the white rice with the salsa.

I'm going to come right over here, set this right here.

Make sure you give this a littlestir right here.

Look at that.

Yes, it's going.

It's going.

Set this right here.

Now technically,we use basically white rice for everything because with the mixture of these two combinations,it's not going to be white for longer.

If we wanted to make white rice, that's wholeother cooking story right there so we can't really get into that right now.

But we'regoing to take this and in it goes.

You guys ready for this? You guys ready out there,everybody in Expert Village? And the unity begins.

Down it goes.

Push it in there withyour hand a little bit.

Right on.

Now basically, it does look like a mountain right now.

That's okay.

You takethis and you don't want to stir it too much.

You just kind of want to push it down.

Youkind of want to push it down and spread it around.

Now, it's time for the water.

Now,you guys are all probably curious as to how much water we're going to use.

Well thereisn't really a set amount.

What it is, is you just want to cover the rice.

You justwant to put a little layer of it.

You want all your rice as I say, drown.

And it is nowdrowning, as you see.

At this point, you can stir it just a little.

There you go.

Mix everythingup a little bit.

Everything is mixed up.

There's a saying out there.

You can have your riceparadito or mogollado.

We prefer paradito.

The trick to get is paradito is cover it andleave it alone.

No more stirring.

Got it? Don't stir the rice because then it's goingto come out mushy.

We don't want it mushy.

Now, we're talking Mexican food.

This is PuertoRican food.


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