Arizona’s BIGGEST Mexican Burrito Challenge!

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What's going on folks! This is MagicMitch bringing you another food challenge video and in this foodadventure I'm going up against the six poundburrito challenge at Papi Chulos Cantina in Scottsdale, Arizona! Now for thischallenge I had 30 minutes to complete the entire burrito which is filled withbeef, chicken, rice, refried beans, jack and cheddar cheese, jalapenos and blackolives along with that there's also sides of some salsa, sour cream, andguacamole.

Now if i was able to take down thisbasically burrito challenge within the 30 minutes I would receive my meal forfree which was valued at about $22 a $25 gift card to the restaurant my pictureup on the wall of fame and if I had the fastest time at the end of the year iwould also receive a five-hundred-dollar cash prize but I really didn't concernmyself with that because in most cases where restaurants hand out prizes at alater date usually not going to hear back from them so i just decided tofocus on enjoying the food and getting the win.

Now since this was a wet burrito Iwanted to first start out by eating a majority of the filling first using mybig spoon to take bigger bites then mix in a little bit of these sides as I wentalong in order to change up the flavor then save a majority of the tortillatowards the end of the challenge easy my diet coke to get it all down.

Soas far as my thoughts on this food challenge when it comes to the structurei'm going to give it a 4/5.

This is assuming that they do not hand out thefive-hundred-dollar cash prize at the end of the year but even so you're stillgetting decent rewards for this food challenge compared to most with theinclusion of that $25 gift card.

I also think 30 minutes for a burrito challengeof this size is more than enough time because with burrito challenges you aretypically spending less time chewing the food when comparing it to other types offood challenges.

My only concern for this challenge I have to say is that while itis advertised as a six pound burrito challenge it first came out a littleover seven pounds but the restaurant did correct the mistake and I was even ableto take the extra part of the burrito home with me! For the taste of this foodchallenge I'm give it a 4/5 because I thought all theingredients tastes very fresh and I greatly enjoyed the variety of flavorsduring the burrito challenge and I especially like the fact that there wereitems on the side so I can change up the flavors as I wanted rather than say haveall the mix inside the burrito which I probably would have found less enjoyable.

One last thing I'd like to mention enjoyed watching this video I'd reallyappreciate little method of your own.

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