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our handy doll what I'm always thing trace fromArgentina this is the first taste test from r & dknow ok what today is going to be a musicaltaste test musical let's just jump right in there before Ireally make myself look crazy I have no idea what the hell did i doyou know what the hell it is because it says right there says peanut dessert isreally it's like solid like a brick could be nothing in a gigantic look howbig it big as my damn forehead I don't know this is a candy bar or whatit looks like a big block of wood or something I don't know let's open it and find out that's aloser I don't know carry that together you know the first thing that came intomy head de la Rosa marzipan I bet you money that's what it is it's a big block ofpeanuts like a peanut butter okay i'm gonna break it with a breakwith textures different is falling apart ok maybe as a live ok and understand it's okay this has something else inthere it almost tastes like a kit kat bar like a cookie inside of a kit katbar ya know ok who I don't want you knowthat texture inside the butterfinger that peanut kind of I don't know whatthe hell is called but it's like that is just a little softer than that there's acrunchiness in there at the marzipan from before it was just like powder Imean literally melted in your mouth this one has a little bit of a bite to it I don't know it's not as good as thatmarzipan I have people were so I'm going to get this guyto Midian heads more cookies or I guess we didn't have a cookie yet to her firstcookies for hard to do but they look like cookies you can find the year inthe u.


it has like a little bit of a jam filling on top look like a freaking I just are you pretty freakin puerto rican andboard voted on and that's what it looks like they're very similar i hope ittastes the same just give it a try argentina there are a little bit differentobviously they're from Argentina and they're not as sweet or the flavor ofthe cookie is not as great as a traditional Puerto Rican forward on youonly have to compare it to you guys okay there okay sorry I wanted them to be better I wishthe little Jam thing on top with like strawberry you might have gotten anextra Vivian hands for that i'm going to give these guys every day and had morecookies now i can say it because now the second cookie thingy that I'm trying wafflewith orange flavor feeling know you're there was a wafer cookies here in the US I haven't seen one that we see vanillachocolate brother they're exactly like the ones we gethere in the US and they have a really nice strong orange smell to them solet's give it a try mmm so good ok wow the wafer cookie is perfect it iscrunchy it is fresh and the orange feelinginside is out of this world guys I love it you have to find these they'reso good they're not too sweet they're crunchy but they not writingyour mouth and then you get a really nice orange flavor so I'm going to givethese guys five billion heads Dreamtime ok what are you guys watching is goingto correct me you're going to say that's not from Argentina the issue though isthat I'm not sure where it's from it was in the same section that theArgentinian stuff was in so I looked everywhere and I could not figure outwhat was wrong i just made an executive decision and I said that it's fromArgentina because I wasn't sure but if you're watching and you know where thisis prom let me know anybody drink what's the most money sanaapple apple juice apple soda maybe come oh it's pink I love things that are pink look at that what a cool color ok let'ssee you have a weird – no it doesn't smell like apples it's not like something different I'venever liked it I liked the small ok I'm just going to try i hope it's nottoo sweet I always say that this week and Jake's myself ready go oh it's not that it does taste likeApple but very faint apple flavor what else I just don't like the smell Idon't know what that smell is you know what this tastes like like acream soda and apple juice combined that's what it tastes like to me I don'tknow what the smell is that I'm getting but the taste is definitely cream sodawith apple juice how about that only make that out butthat's what that's what my taste buds are telling me last item cookie there's a lot of time you guys undertalewas hard way and also only ok so it's the long way / cookie I think it's really thick and all theother cookies were a little bit like when you look to be like dick dick dick not just thick thick thick well you likethat smell it what is that peanuts and always grows itsmells like an armpit all right live like so it's a wafercookie and that inside it has like a white new game and it has like littlepieces of peanuts but it smells so freaking weird it smells weird just said that but Ican't smell like sweaty armpits and i'm going to try sweetie i'm just very youguys ready here we go wow very confusing I'm very confused that's the first thenew government side is very sticky and chewy and the actual new gate is reallygood I have a really nice flavor to it andthey have like chunks of peanuts in there they're not bad i don't know where I'mgoing the smell the wafer cookie is ok it'skind of like stale a little bit – crunchy and I don't know that's the newget that makes it like that so i'm going to give this guy a 1 billion had alright guys that is it for anothertaste test thank you so much for coming back week after week to watch the tastetest to leave me sweet comments down below giving thevideo a like and subscribing to the channel to the best i have the bestsubscribers and the entire internet thank you so so much I so muchappreciate you guys do not forget down below let me know what country you wantme to do next let me know what unique or interestingproducts you'd like for me to try if you're new to the channel pleasesubscribe I put out blogs and taste test weekafter week and I would love for you guys to join the community I'll see you guys back next week I let'ssee Brazil they're looking on and I think you're popular you're from Brazil or if you've seenthese are he's pretty popular it's just a regular cookie has.

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