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alright guys we got the arbys newmeatball subs to check these out these are available for a limited timewe've got this also what it looks like let's do thissomewhere right letting it come now come now nice to meet you can hold it up likethis get me out differently evolved al-qaedagood shit but then beyond good stuff late to refuse to the review okay guyswe're gonna get into this meatball sub it's a limited time from arbys as youcan see i'm sure it's got a lot of bread but that's a meatball sub 3 what do youthink about it i want you to think about i see all the meatball there's a goodsome nice-sized meatballs in there soon get what do you think about it crowding my space homey now that's all you're gonna have arewrong in my elbow room pretty good it's good you don't like the bread it's agood breath though it's soft oh yes good grip I didn't like a lot ofgrit forgot to shave my friend to me see this later ohm do it oh yes we're good maybe this whole goddamn plan that's areal that's a real meatball my mom's cooking actually made mine but my focusall got your playing look that's good but it's real cheesy good amount ofsauce real nice like a nice fresh italian bread arbys doing your thing youknow this tastes like you've ever had those subway ones they're pretty goodbut it's like that like i crack like Putin gucci and rest up marcucci on a.

that wasn't me this is good yeah but with ok thumbs up that meatball three Italian meatball right then allyou have to tell you not well you know George enjoy.

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