Americans Try Vietnamese Street Food

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– If it's anything like pho.

This is gonna be fun.

I tried.

(giggles) (fun music) – I don't know whatVietnamese street food is.

– Mm mm.

Definitely expecting a lot of spice.

– I've never eaten Vietnamesestreet food before.

– And I have it a lot.

– But we've both eaten foodthat's fallen on the street.

– I grew up eatingVietnamese and Chinese food so I've definitely had some of these.

– [Voiceover] Cheers, buddy.

– God damn! – This isn't the fault of the food, but there's cilantro in it,and so it takes like garbage.

– The meat is so big in it! – I think I'm in love.

– Not lipstick friendly, this spring roll.

– I don't even wanna like, keep eating, 'cause I just wanna have it forever.

– Hmm, hmm.

– Okay.

– This smells amazing.

– Smells so good.

– I'm excited because– – Shrimp! – Your parents would make it like, fresh? And they'll bring out abatch and it's like hot, and you'll finish it, and they'll bring another one and anotherone and another one.

– Is the fish sauce made of fish? – [Voiceover] Yes.

– Okay.

– Mmmmmm, that fish sauce, though, son! – This is dope, this is very, very tasty.

– Are you gonna eat that onion? (laughs) – [Voiceover] There's pigthree ways on this plate.

– My Mom used to make thistoo, like in a big bowl, and literally, I'll justeat it for meals and meals.

– It sounds like your wholelife growing up it was your Mom turning out food andyou're just eating it.

– It's like Thanksgiving all the time, like you get so much different kinds of foods everywhere all the places.

– You realize that combiningthings makes them better? – I do know that.

That's why I'm combiningall this [bleep] in my face.

– I want it to be a little firmer.

– Ooh, no I love the softness.

– I would drink fish sauce.

Wouldn't you? – No.

– My breath is gonnasmell like this for days.

– [Voiceover] Oooh.

– [Voiceover] What? – Colors – The brown black stuff is chunky.

Is it beans? (slurping) – Oh, God.

– The texture of the greenstuff is really weird.

– I really like it when thedesserts are also an activity because it's just fun for the kids.

– It's crunchy, it'schewy, it's like gooey.

– It would be reallyawesome and refreshing for a summer day.

– I love that it's like ice cream, but not too cold togive me a brain freeze.

– It brings me back home,so like my family and my Mom and I love it so much.

– Asian people always do– – You just know what you're doing with it.

– Their food's so good.

– The fish sauce, really– – Yeah, that was the cream of the crop.

– I wanna eat Vietnamese street food for the rest of my life.

– We out, we did it! Good job, sorry.

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