Americans Try Indonesian McDonald’s Spicy Fruit McFlurry (McFlurry Rujak Pedas)

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Good guys we go back again to try the taste of a particular McDonalds McDonalds Indonsia.

Just for you, Seth message it today and we'll give it a try.

(Seth) Mcflurry rajak spicy.

(Julie) Rojak.

(Seth) Rojak, mango and spicy mango.


Good, let's see in what.

Good color is orange.

Which is the same as usual wafer.

Do not put into it.

(Seth) This is good.

Is it spicy? (Seth) Now it starts from my throat (Seth) But at first the same as chocolate, spicy chocolate.

Initially usual then started spicy.

Can I try? Neither of us can be a little orange and white that Seth was talking about.

Almost as much as As butterscoth But spiciness was then.

It was in my throat a little.

You really Seth.

Jules? (Julie) Well we started.


(Julie) Yeah it's like biting you.

(Julie) first sweet and then bite you.

Such as swallowing the red ants.

(Julie) Yes red ants.

(Sarah) now I am afraid.

(Julie) It's just a little red ants.

(Sarah) Thanks (Sarah) It was like Orenji, Orenji mango.

Good, now began to spicy.

(Julie) I returned my ice cream sundae, this is good and do not bite.

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