Americans Try Indonesian McDonald’s Cheeseburger with Egg

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Do you think I was special? I'll try to book.

Cheeseburger with eggs in it.

And this special thing for you special.

So they gave it to me then I'm special let's see.

(Sarah) You specials papa.

Do you think I'm special? Oh, that's nice.

This McDonald's in Indonesia.

And they had a meal here a little different than usual.

Do you have chicken at McDonald's at your place? What about the fish and potatoes? Perhaps, before there was a fish sandwich in America.

Bagiama with.

How about this, cheeseburger with cheese in it or.

Burger Moroccan burger with spicy green chili.

How about chicken rice bowl? So it costs about $ 15 Once they give me a cheeseburger with egg like when I booked I was a special person.

It was only for a special person.

Let's look at his burger.

Cheeseburger with eggs.

Let's go and see what we can.

See what we can here, this is it.

Just like a cheeseburger in it but with eggs.

Well let's try.

Yes this is good.

I am surprised.

Cheeseburger with tasty eggs.

Sarah did not believe me.

(Seth) I want to try.

Seth want to try.

Let's see the reaction to Seth.

(Seth) I guess this is the strangest combination I ever heard.

What do you say? This tasty.

(Sarah) It's weird.

(Julie) Not bad.

(Julie) Not bad but not tasty.

Passable but not tasty.

(Julie) Yes.

Both of you have heard of us cheeseburger with egg, I think it was tasty.

But none of those who think that it is good, no? no.


See you again.

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