Americans Try Indonesian McDonald’s Burger Sate

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Both our guys at McDonald's because they have a new burger, burger taste of Indonesia.

His name satay burger.

So let's open it, see anything in it and we try to taste.

Okay, what do we get? We can toast different, it's a different one.

Then on the inside.

There are different types of sauces.

There is a burger patty is small, smaller than the bread.

and some I guess this pickle but maybe this is just a cucumber.

So let's try right away.

Good so usually satay is chicken, goat or rabbit.

And it was pierced by a stick or something like kebab.

Then roasted over the fire.

And there is the peanut sauce in it.

So I suspect there peanut sauce and tastes like peanut sauce.

Satay sauce, let's try.

Slightly sweet.


There may be a slightly nutty flavor, perhaps Jules? Only slightly.

But this is a very sweet and.

It's okay.

It is okay.

I guess I better eat a big mac.

It was here satay burger at McDonald's If you want to try, I would like to know your thoughts on this in the comments.

See you again.


Source: Youtube