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Hi guys, welcome again.

Today we are in Jakarta, Indonesia.

And we'll eat here.

In the Bakmi GM, is a noodle restaurant.

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This menu.

There are different kinds of noodles.

What's more, rice.

rice again vegetable Fish.

There may not be a chicken.

These other types of food.

What else? wonton A kind and drinks.

Wow all good.

The price is between 20 thousand – 40 thousand each.

We can appetizers, they call fried dumplings.

Seth is the first to be tried.

Let's try.

And our food.

yet come, okay.


How baksonya? Now try the meatballs.


Too hot.

Both Seth inadvertently you eat meatballs hot it is, how? I do not really like the meatballs so that was ok.

Seth does not like meatballs.

Seth does nothing.

I love the dumplings instead of meatballs.

How saosnya? Sweet.

Is it sweet and sour sauce? Yes it's like sweet and sour sauce.

So I ordered noodles.

There broth as well.

I would add the broth into it because I like to eat noodles like this.

And they also had sambal We add this Make it extra special.

Today I ate chicken rice chilli cah.

So here it is, there is a chicken and Chili It's very tasty, marinade tasted and not too spicy.

This is good and I can pack a message with Aqua.

So let's try this, let's take mushrooms and noodles Let's try, difficult to eat noodles well.

Very delicious.

I think I need to add sambal But this is very good, strong mushroom flavor and is delicious, we try vegetables again.

These noodles are delicious.

Today my message capcai rice.

Ad variety of vegetables and no shrimp as well.

and chicken Take a little Capcainya taste delicious and I love vegetables.

This is good.

Let's take a brief tour inside this restaurant.

It was her kitchen.

We're here.

And it seems they have a great children's play area.

We could see into the kitchen.

We'll see.

Children play area is not large but they have nowhere to play.

This is good.

Oh, sorry.

there is a play area.

There is a washstand.

And there she is.

All tasty meal here and all the information about this in the description of this video.

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