Americans go to an Indonesian Wedding Reception

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Hey everybody, good afternoon.

As I said today we would menghhadiri wedding reception Solo about an hour from here.

But first we want to have lunch.

See this stretch, a lot of food.

We are here with the Rays, and Landung and Maya and I think the three men had met them earlier in the vlog.

[Sarah] Yes, you'd remember me.

Definitely remember Sarah.

[Julie] See this big rice cooker.

Yes it is a large rice cooker.

Hello, how are you? Meet friends here.

surprising to see them.

What should we take, too much food.

[Julie] Looks like we pay here.

[Julie] We took our food and then brought here and told what we take or show it to him and then we paid.

[Julie] I do not know how much it costs if as before.

Okay guys, the food we've had here, and we take Fried fish and papaya leaves, rice with vegetable soup.

And we continue again, this is not the second time because I forgot Sar previous record.


[Sarah] So I grab the fish And this bean and kale.


Landung eat the same vegetable soup and Rays and Ajeng eat chicken and rice.

and Jules ate tempeh and rice.

and vegetables but it was about to run because this is my third time to record this.

Seth eat her favorite foods in a restaurant like this.

It's a fried egg tomato, Here ya Seth heat.

[Seth] Very I could see the sweat running down your cheeks.

This kitchen.

Good, they cook there.

and hand washing facilities here.

Back here to get to the car.

So, The food was good and very cheap thirty nine thousand rupiah for our food If the brand counted correctly.

That's what they're talking about now, maybe we pay too cheap.

but we'll settle this right now.

then we headed to Solo.

to the party and partying.

The actual price is more expensive.

it is forty-eight thousand rupiah, or about three dollars and fifty cents, or about four dollars.

Because they forgot to count the fish taken and the fish we eat.

so Julie talked to them and finish it so we paid the correct But it's still not too expensive for lunch four people.

Both of you, we are now in the village Landung.

and the party in front of us, it took two hours to get here.


Sarah huh? halo, halo Seth.

Hello, hello.

[Julie] this is our kids Seth and Sarah.

Stay in Indonesia? [Julie] Yes in Jogja.

So they brought some snacks to eat.

We actually late Seth.

The band was there but they were gone.

Many of the guests had gone home But, We had a snack, we had this like a fried egg rolls Cake there.

So this is made from rice, is like a cake or something.

Snack again.

Thank you Now we get around.


They prepare all the food here for the party.

Wow, hello.

Oh yes a lot.

Delicious, Okay enter here.

Good, backyard.

It's done.

We are cooking.


Cooking crackers.

This is where they cook and boil water.

Wow fresh.


You can crackers fresh.

[Seth] is still too hot to eat.

Is it true that it was still too hot? It was very fresh.

The cooking here.

The well here.

Thank you.

Here there is nothing.

Boil water.

This is all the dirty dishes.

The sink over there.


So when they would return to give a gift to take home.

Perhaps there is food inside.

As I've said the party is over.

We were just walking around.

They just brought us food.

Brought here with other snacks.

In fact we've been very satisfied because snacknnya.

But they brought her food.

We will continue to eat it.

This cowhide.


Vegetable, wow delicious.

Perhaps you have never seen before cowhide.

Seth we take what? [Seth] I take rice, leather and beef.

Wow, very little.

Okay please.

Okay so we'll try me and Seth.

[Seth] You try it first.

I will try it first.

I will try it first.

[Julie] You try what? This cowhide.

How they cook this? Fried Fried? straight from the cow in pieces? [Landung] Kayak crackers first.

So the first and fried crackers.

Then what, in the stew? [Landung] Cooked seasoning then becomes flaccid again.


Good so.

So he says it was initially dried cow skin Then fried Then cooked with this sauce and it becomes soft again.

Such as agar-agar.

Like pudding? Yes gelatinous.


[Seth] It was like what? It was like oil with chili.

[Julie] Is it spicy? Not too.

So, the skin of the pig (SAPI).

This looks like a pig skin but these cows.

Ajeng take a bath now? He'll take a shower now.

Not bad.

Good night.

Thank you.

Okay, thank you.

Thank you.

good night.

[Sarah] Thanks and good night.

Good guys, it was a wedding reception in Indonesia.

Unfortunately we were delayed two hours.

So we missed a lot But you can see some, this village special for wooden handicrafts.

So many houses here got home industry Where they make a table like this.

This table for what? School.

So this is a school desk.

and who is this? The same? So this is also a school desk.

and chairs, we can what? [Julie] So the new Landung explain the culture here from the Netherlands.

[Julie] When we left the party we can bread.

[Julie] So we can have.

[Julie] So we can toast enormous.


[Julie] and nothing else.

[Julie] Banana.

Good, bread and bananas.

And they give us a lot of food.

Good guys we are now going home.

and I'll see you tomorrow.

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