Aloo Poori Recipe

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Hello Friends!! Today I will cook aloo poori recipe (Potato Curry and Fried Bread) it is very easy to cook.

it is best for yourself and guest or kids.

Now I start with ingredient.

Wheat flour 200 g , Gram flour 1/2 cup cumin seed , salt ,dry mango powder, coriander powder , ajowan ,turmeric powder ,red chilly powder asafoetida , chopped green coriander , chopped green chilly , kashmiri red chilly powder , dry fenugreek leaves , whole red chilly chopped ginger , boil and peeled potato it'd be a good king of bunnybury pieces mcGirk away ru him up porque la pregunta y la misma de vecindad de la casa de Madeline guess r18 tink number ha ha ha pasado denia my not so much naw bitch what is up by getting his man up good Mirotic people are made energy mosquito pantyhose getting a Porsche guna funny nose SI oriya tamil aunty I'm telling it Benito lagoon is getting this second but ya gotta let me want you Oh blimey you're not sure picking you have a laptop repair to Kyle idea i'm here what's happening here ok i miss cock right setup the end that's not killable singapore yo clear that's settled what are the people that subject i look is given a clear from my friend here is met table is what i love the are you going to move up my help oh no matter what is that movie had this may help get up get up get up ok melodia have healthy huh we may give up a little bit i dont les parte del que por la coriander delicate is called up Karen with me and that's when actually no flavor demonically I don't get hot metal I live there give up its cool lawyer cannot do you have an ally all sites it here alignment film at the end of this month we are yesterday sec roller pinky side quests EDS won't be like that audio instead I'm a really hot oven go home telling it here let's go home and I'm Italian ok tm2f ok Oh if I got me calling yeah on the subject kumari tattoo care takeover cardinality canister there is that take me maybe something with the So we have done with aloo poori recipe (Potato Curry and Fried Bread).

Thank You and Enjoy!.