A secret getaway with delicious food, architecture and old-style charm

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Hi, welcome to Eat Northern Spain I'm Elias In this video you will discover why a family-run restaurant located in a small village in the middle of the green pastures of Asturias, in Northern Spain and with more than 100 years has become a world-class restaurant Casa Gerardo combines tradition and innovation at every dish they create reflecting Northern Spain's wealth of ingredients After an unforgettable meal you will discover an architectural masterpiece designed by world-famous architect Oscar Niemeyer an impressive Cultural Centre placed in Aviles a charming coastal town To make the experience even better you will sleep like a King in a 17th century old palace now turned upscale hotel within a walking distance from the Niemeyer Cultural Centre and at the heart of the old town Stay with me!! Welcome to a world-class family-run restaurant hidden in a small village Immerse yourself on a culinary expedition through Northern Spain's ecosystem Local ingredients are foraged in the nearby pastures, mountains and sea to craft a delicious tasting menu that will connect you to the environment in an special way A Michelin-starred restaurant that includes in its tasting menu a delicious local stew with more than 100 years of history This is Slow Food taken to the next level Let's explore an architectural masterpiece designed by world-famous Brazilian architect Oscar Niemeyer An impressive cultural centre by the sea with direct access to the docks and at a stone's throw from Aviles city centre Three spectacular buildings in an open square a panoramic tower the Dome and an Auditorium The perfect spot to enjoy a sunny afternoon A relaxing evening in a 17th century old palace lovingly turned into an upscale hotel with attention to detail lovely outdoor terraces and magnificent gardens Sleep like a king with original 17th century furniture and with all the details and comforts of a classy hotel This is my favourite Spain come with me and enjoy discoverng yours.

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