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So Fonda’s a fresh casual Mexican inspiredrestaurant.

We’ve got four restaurants in Melbourne and the food is Mexican food butwe’re not confined to being overly authentic.

We’ve sort of stolen the best bits of everysegment of the restaurant industry, right down from fast food to fine dining.

When guests comeinto Fonda, they order up at the counter, but there’s elements of a fine dining restaurant, suchas the investment that we make in the fit outs.

It’s been four years since we opened storeone and since then, we’ve opened three restaurants the Xero software’s really helped us grow.

I guess first and foremost, you genuinely know exactly how you’re performing financiallyat any point in time.

It’s literally at the click of a button, you know if you’re making money or not.

And I think without that, you’re really in the dark until two or three months after the end of the financialyear when your accountant gets back to you and says you’re in the black or you’rein the red, and it’s such a competitive, fast­paced world, it’s just too late to find out after thefact that you had a massive issue with your meat supplier or your wages were just far too high.

Week by week, day by day, almost hour by hour,we’re able to make decisions and to make changes because we can get that live snapshotof exactly how we’re performing.

Obviously being cloud based, we can do that from anywhere.

You might be at a café, you can reconcile items while you’re waiting for a trams,and to be able to log in from wherever you are means you can keep your finger on the pulse literally24/7.

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