600 year old Italian restaurant – Osteria del sole and the food market!

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so tonight we're gonna go to this really old place to have some.

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ok so this is what's happening tonight we're gonna be eating in this really old like why wine Osteria and we've come to this market we're gonna buy all sorts of fresh produce here in Bologna and we're going to take it to this place where apparently you can have a picnic Being Gibraltarian, we eat and we buy a lot of food so we're gonna have a feast tonight basically! that's what I'm saying so anyway.

I, I can taste the.

okay lets see so he's cut me a bit of cheese to taste "itetakemasu" in Japanese Anyway, so tonight we're gonna go to this and place which is like really old from 1400 and basically just like a wine bar where you take your own food and you have a picnic so where we've come to the market and we're gonna have.

well basically were gonna buy some really fresh produce and have it tonight so we're really excited about that So about four cheese's later we're still here trying all sorts of different cheeses and basically the guy is just cutting really really small slices like slivers of cheese for us to try what's this one Tessa?.

anyway i'll try to like I don't know what it tastes like I don't know what it tastes like now we are going to try some.

smoked mozzarella so we're going to have a feast tonight we've just got through the cheese part we are in the Osteria del Sole basically this place is ancient apparently it dates back all the way back to the 1400's and this place is really unique because you bring your own food and they only sell drinks here we've got a bottle of pinioleto.

and the other unique thing is that they they basically brew their own wines and their own alcohol so you can see here.

Osteria del Sole it's quite interesting now I'm looking around and people have bought like pizza and crisps and we have brought a feast! Ive got a feeling that people are going to start looking at us any minute very noisy.

we have some mortadela we have some Parma (Crudo.

) we have some bread, fresh bread some spider tomatoes really really fresh goats cheese with truffle inside, cheese with peppers inside peppers inside no this one has ginger inside.

this one has pepper inside.

and saffron fresh ricotta from the market this morning smoked mozarella olive oil we bought in the market that's about it so I made myself a little parcel of bread, this truffle cheese which is incredible some Parma ham and i think i'm actually i'm going to add some ricotta, why not.

on top drizzle some cheese sorry, drizzle some cheese? olive oil over the top and make a mess we are not even talking we are literally just eating that was awesome we are out of the Osteria del sole , and we are absolutely stuffed it was great, a really good experience all the people behind me back there because basically there's no space for them to fit in the place we've just been This is Thursday evening, if you come here on a Saturday or a Friday you can't walk through he alley way.

It's a.

I mean that's will be crazy idea think about it a place that only serves drinks they don't even sell water just no soft drinks only like wine and beer they encourage you to bring your own food into their establishment and you buy the drinks from them.

its a hole in the wall.

I don't think it's a hole in the wall, I think it's a very very old place very old place but awesome awesome excellent anyway if you like the video don't forget to subscribe check out some other videos I've done quite a few vlogs in japan and thumbs up see you next time! Osteria del Sole it's one of the best in bolonia.


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