5 TOP YOUTUBERS FAVORITE FOOD & FAVORITE CANDY romanatwood, Jacob Sartorius, Lilly Singh, PewDiePie

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Hey guys welcome to The Secret Life ofVivian today we're going to be counting down 5 top youtubers and their favoritefoods.

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Number one roman atwood, romanatwood is the mostpopular vlogger on youtube today like many of us romanatwood has a sweettooth, one of his favorite foods is swedish fish.

Number two Casey Neistat, Caseyis a filmmaker who has taken youtube by storm.

In a lot of his movies you'll seehim visiting his Beach home in Connecticut and making his famous stopat Captain Scott's Lobster Dock and picking up his favorite food which isthe lobster roll, which he refers to as the best lobster roll in the world.

Number three PewDiePie the king of YouTube, PewDiePiehas remained the number-one subscribed channel on youtube since $MONTH 2013when he took the spot in one of the videos where he's not playing videogames he shares with his fans his love for all things spicy.

Number four Jacob Sartorius, Jacob became a musically sensation and is now making waves onyoutube.

In a recent interview Jacob shares with his followers that hisfavorite food is the good old mac and cheese.

Number five Lilly Singh, superwoman herself hasshared with their millions of fans that she cannot live without buttery popcorn.

In fact, she goes to the movies first for the popcorn and second for the movie.

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