3 Super Easy Village Fast Food Recipes | Indian Food Taste Test Episode-9 with Nikunj Vasoya

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Hello friend’s welcome to the show of Indianfood taste test.

I am nikunj vasoya and today I am in my village and I am going to showyou 3 simple and easy recipe which we like to eat in village when we don't have freshand hot fast food because generally in Indian villages you have to make something deliciousfrom the packaging food.

3 of them are very easy and you can make without fire.

It isvery special for me because we are eating this from my childhood.

whenever we don'thave anything to eat then just we can make this food in just minutes of matter.

So let's have a look at ingredients one by one.

one is known as sev mamra, it is a friedand besan sev and then stir fried in turmeric powder so it is yellow.

another one is chevdaor chevda or you can also call it craven.

it has a mixture of lentils, sev's, blackgrams, it is pressed black grams, fried pea nuts, other ingredients like threaten rice,chana dal, put it all together and fry it.

sprinkles some spices on it.

you can haveit alone, you don't need anything but in village style you can make it more delicious by addingsome vegetables and spices in it.

these are the salty pea nuts, I have removed the skinof this so we can use it in our dish.

you can also buy it from super market withoutthe skin if it is available, I am sure that 3 of these are available at any Indian glossaryshop or super market so you can find it easily.

here I have 200gm finely chopped tomatoes,these are the big chunks of tomatoes it is 300gm.

in the spices we have, 1tsp of corianderand seed powder, 1.

5 tsp of red chili powder, 1 lemon, 1 medium size finely chopped mangoit is very good with the other stuffs and in summer you specially like this, some saltand some freshly chopped coriander leaves and also have the chat masala.

For the first dish I am taking sev mamra, add 100gm of finely chopped tamatos, halfmango, around half tsp red chili powder, half tsp coriender and seed powder, little bitof salt because sev mamra has already contain salt, we just have to add for tomatoes only,little bit of chat masala and some coriander leaves.

now just we have to mix all the things.

Now it's ready so I am taking out into the showing bowl.

put some fresh coriander leaveson it.

the dish is ready to eat.

in the same bowl I am going to add tomatoesand pea nuts, coriander and seed powder, half tsp red chili powder, little bit of salt,little bit of chat masala and coriander leaves.

then mix them very well.

our second dish isready.

I am taking out in the showing bowl.

put some fresh coriander leaves on it.

thedish is ready to eat.

being in the same bowl I am putting chevdaor chavanu you can call it, then the remaining finely chopped tomatoes, remaining mangoes,1/4th tsp of red chili powder, half tsp of coriander and seed powder, pinch of salt,little bit of chat masala, squeeze the half lemon, you have to control the citrus levelin it because we added the raw mango, you can add lemon according to your taste, somecoriander leaves.

then mix them very well.

this is it, I am taking out into the showingbowl.

put some fresh coriander leaves.

dish is ready to eat.

So my friends this is it my three super easy and delicious dishes are ready in just 15minutes, serving size of around 9 plates, I have made food for 8-9 peoples in just 15minutes.

one serving for one minute and it is really very good.

and I can give the guaranteethat nothing is easier than this village fast food.

Ok friends this one is known as sev mamra made from sev mamra which is readymade Indiansnack.

first a fall I am going to try the sev mamra.

so let me have a bite, this islittle spicy but it is perfect for me, because it has very citrusy because of the mango andtomatoes and it's little crunchy, added texture of the dish, with fresh coriander leaves itis very delicious dish and it is very easy.

Now the second dish is pea nut tomato.

itis also very good, it is my personal favorite because it's very easy and very healthy too.

Seriously it is very good, if you really like pea nut and tomato both then it will be verygood for you.

The third dish is chevda well, it is verygood in flavor because of lime juice and tomatoes, another thing is that it has more ingredientsthen the other dishes, it gives lot's of textures, in every bite you get the different tastes,crunch of the fried pea nuts, dal and sev, and chana adds a very good flavor to it.

So friends this is it from foodon tv studio in khijadiya and I hope you have enjoyed myvillage style fast food and personally we are eating it for last many years.

it is veryeasy and whenever we want to eat it all the ingredients are available very easily so that'swhy it is very good fast food for the villagers and specially you can cook it without fire,so it will be very good for your picnic or you go somewhere else you just have to carrythe ingredients and one knife and you can make in just matter of minutes, you can alsomake it for large serving about 20 peoples you can make in just 20 minutes.

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See you in the next episode.